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Star Wars Battlefront II: a mod now allows play on private servers

Star Wars Battlefront II: a mod now allows play on private servers

It is the season of mods to play on private servers at Electronic arts. A few days before the announcement of the one from titanfall 2, has arrived Kyber for Star Wars Battlefront II. It is a solution that allows you to configure a custom server in a few clicks or connect directly to a private server. Unlike a classic system that allows you to host a server yourself, here the instance is automatically created in a data center not far from your home. Modders are obviously not affiliated with EA, and the lead developer has spent all of 2021 making retro-engineering to get your bouzin to work. Battlefront II was left a priori in a state of technical deterioration, this modification you are welcome to prevent feats and different tricks, which have become commonplace on official servers. If you want more information, go to the official website of modification Or in your Discord server.

The Ewoks, playable in Battlefron II, at their peak in Adventure of the Ewoks: The battle for Endor, the best episode of the saga just after the Christmas special 1978.

If you’re interested, during the winter sales, Star Wars Battlefront II is on sale at € 6 on Steam Where 5 € south Origin.