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Sunday Quiz: VR gaming was, is, and always will be a niche thing, right?


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VR and AR technologies are constantly evolving, but will virtual reality prevail in gaming too? Or were VR games, are and will be just something for the niche? Are you interested in the subject and have you already jumped on the bandwagon, or does virtual reality leave you cold, especially in games?

VR gaming was, is, and always will be a niche thing, right?

Even in 2022, virtual reality in games, so-called virtual reality games, is still in its infancy despite modern virtual reality glasses such as HP Reverb G2 (test), Valve Index (test) or HTC Vive Pro 2 ( Test). It almost never takes place in the relevant games, both on PC and consoles. Even if Sony is likely to prioritize VR more with the second generation of PlayStation VR headsets, Sony PS VR2 will remain in the niche for the time being.

Good hardware no longer fails, as tests and publishers’ reports show.

With Half-Life: Alyx (Trial) for VR, Valve recently tried to put the theme to the masses. But that was two years ago today, and AAA games purpose-built for VR have been in short supply ever since.

How big is the interest in virtual reality in games?

The reason why VR in gaming is still deeply stuck in the niche can be due to a wide variety of reasons and several causes at the same time. Will it be the non-existent AAA game offerings for PC and consoles? Is the basic interest of gamers in virtual reality not great enough, or is the rejection of virtual reality goggles as a medium too great?

How does the community see it? Are you interested in virtual reality in games?

Due to the framework conditions already mentioned, many gamers still do not have much experience playing through VR glasses, the so-called head-mounted display (HMDS), Have made.

Who has already had experience with virtual reality in games?

What are the experiences with VR in games within the ComputerBase forum community? Have you ever played with VR glasses?

Who Really Owns Their Own VR HMD? This question at the latest shows that most gamers do not have their own VR glasses. What is the situation in the forum, how big is the proportion of those who already regularly use virtual reality in games?

Players who already have VR headsets can play the following VR-supported titles, among others.

In January 2021, about 88 percent of survey participants said they did not own a PC or game console VR system.

Will VR in gaming ever leave the niche?

Finally, the question that also serves as the title of this Sunday’s question arises once again: “Virtual reality games were, are and will continue to be something for the niche, right?”

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