Apple will likely introduce new versions of its own smartwatch starting in September. This year, the long-awaited Apple Watch Series 8 will be joined by a very special special model. Evidence for this has now been discovered in a new patent – ​​the smartwatch has never been so extreme.


In autumn 2022 we can not only expect a new Apple Watch, three new models of smart watches there should be the Apple Watch 8, a special model for extreme sports and successor to the Apple Watch SE. There are clues to the special model again, hidden in a patent that has now been made public (source: patent apple via 9to5Mac).

Special model of the Apple Watch 8: ATM instead of IP class

As a result, the iPhone maker is working on a more effective way to detect water intrusion and then take steps to protect the watch. The goal could be for Apple to aim for greater water resistance. far from simple IP protection class, towards a sports-focused scale of water resistance, known to be measured in atmospheres, or ATM for short.

In this context, three well-known classifications are mentioned:

  • 5 ATM: For example, diving into a pool.
  • 10 ATM: surfing, snorkeling, rafting and other surface activities, ultimately the watch can be used for swimming.
  • 20 ATM: Real diving, it’s a real diving watch.

The current Apple Watch 7 is not that extreme:

Robust design is not just a design joke

Good to know: The patent was originally filed in September 2020, so Apple has been working on it for a while. Then we could admire the result this fall. Externally, this special model should also differ more clearly from the regular Apple Watch 8. Consequently, it would be The cases for this Apple Watch feature a rugged design with shock resistance and an equally protective exterior.. It would be comparable to G Shock Watches from the Japanese manufacturer Casio.

Even if the patents do not always indicate a timely implementation in practice, in this case the realization is probably much more likely. Apple shouldn’t settle for a simple IP rating, The new extreme design of this Apple Watch must not promise more than it can technically deliver in the end.