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Super Green Pass after the third dose, here is how to recover the certificate with the tips to save it on your mobile


Easy, fast and automatic. To get the Super Green Pass just get vaccinated. Once the new dose of the Sars Cov-2 immunization program has been taken, it will be enough to wait 48 hours to have it. Here, step by step, how to get it.

How to book vaccination

Telematic platforms to book vaccination vary from region to region. The tax code and the health card number are used. Once inside the telematic system, the vaccine can be booked in the closest place and at the time that is considered easiest. On the established date you can go to the vaccination center with your reservation number. A form is filled out that then comes to the attention of the doctors who authorize, or not, to take the dose.

Later you get vaccinated and as soon as you do, you are waiting. Meanwhile, the certificate of “vaccination against Sars-Cov-2 / Covid-19” has been made. The certificate shows the personal data of the vaccinated person, the code of the health personnel who administered the dose, in which arm it was inoculated, which vaccine and which production batch.

What is the new Super Green pass like?

With the third dose (which becomes second if you have the Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine) you get a new Green Pass. The new ones (those issued as of November 12) indicate the number of doses taken, which can be only three: “2 of 2” in the case of a booster after taking the Janssen vaccine, “2 of 2”, in the case of a single dose for Covid recovery, “3 of 3” in case of booster after two-dose vaccines (such as Pfizer or Moderna) but also for those who have been vaccinated abroad with vaccines not authorized by the European Medicines Agency (such as Sputnik). As of December 15, the validity of the Green Pass, for doses after the first dose, or for a dose after recovery, goes from 12 to nine months from the date of administration..

Frequently asked questions, from outdoor masks to the super green pass – everything you need to know. Questions and answers

How to get the green pass

There are three ways to get your Green Pass back. Or on site (with the health card or with the Spid or Cie digital identity), or by downloading the Immune application OR the, or on your own website electronic medical record of the Reference Region. Those who do not have a computer or smartphone can ask their family doctor, their free choice pediatrician or the pharmacist for help..

Retrieving the certificate with the site

You can enter the site and use two systems: o authenticate with the credentials of Spid or Cie or with the health card (you need the last 8 digits of the identification number, the expiration date, the unique codes of the tampon or the certificate of cure or the authorization code Authcode that is received by email or sms)

Recovery of the Immune App certificate

In the application, which can be downloaded for free, you can go directly to the “Covid digital Eu Certificate” section and retrieve the document by entering the last 8 digits of your health card, its expiration date, one of the codes received with a tampon, certificate of cure or with the authorization code Authcode.

Retrieving the certificate from the Io App

In the App, which can be downloaded for free, the certificate is immediately visible and will remain available in the messages section.

The recovery of the certificate through the electronic medical record

Each Region makes its Electronic Archive available, a platform where, among other things, it is possible to insert the health documents themselves. From here, simply log in with the required IDs and you can download the Green Pass.

Green Pass: the fastest and easiest solutions to prove it

If you do not want to open an app, or you have some difficulties each time to show the green pass (because perhaps the field of the mobile phone does not get along), there are only different solutions to always have it at hand. Print it on the photocopy paper it does not always allow easy scanning of the QR code because putting it in your bag and keeping it there for a long time could wrinkle it. So many have sharpened their wits and have it laminated. There are also those who took the QR code and printed it on credit card size to always have it available in your wallet.

For the more technological, however, the solutions are different: you can put the Green Pass as phone wallpaper, among the downloaded images, but also in the “Personal messages ”on Telegram. Even in WhatsApp you can do it, just with one more movement: just create a group with a second person and then delete it. That group (maybe called ‘Green Pass’) will be able to stay on our account for life WhatsApp with a single user, which is us. At that point you can put the pdf of the Green Certification and keep it there, displaying it as needed. To find it and avoid the flow of messages, in this case just enter the App and place it or between the “fixed” conversations (the ones that always appear at the top, just click for a few seconds on the name and a pin will appear) to select) or among the archives (it will go to a specific folder).


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