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Week 49/21: YouTube rankings, Friendly Fire 7 and more


Topics of the week. Sources: Gronkh on Twitch, Ubisoft, Fritz Meinecke on YouTube, YouTube, Renzo, Marvin, maiLab, Battlestate Games

Welcome to the latest weekly review of On Sunday today, which is now the second Advent, we want to see with you the game, broadcast and esports news of the week that have kept you and us the most over the past seven days.

On the days of November 29 to December 5, 2021, various interesting topics were included again. Starting with the latest developments around 7 vs Wild, going through the most successful YouTubers in 2021 and the new operation in Rainbow Six Siege, to date of the biggest Escape from Tarkov update in two years. The highlight of the week was the great Friendly Fire 7 event from yesterday Saturday until today Sunday. There, various creators once again raised a seven-figure amount for a good cause.

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5. 7 vs Wild Challenges: Who will lead and who will win the 10,000 euros?

The ninth episode 7 vs Wild has been published since last Saturday night. This means that more than half of the 16 planned episodes have already appeared. So we started an overview for you of who has the best overall victory chances, analyzed the previous challenges, and recorded the score. However, if you don’t want to pamper yourself just yet, you should enjoy this content with caution.

7 vs Wild Challenges: Who will lead and who will win the 10,000 euros?

4. YouTube Rankings 2021: Best Videos, Creators and More

The year 2021 is inexorably drawing to a close. The time of the leaderboards, rankings and annual reviews begins. YouTube has already chosen the best creators, videos and channels of the year. Here you can find out who has managed to collect the most subscriptions, post the most successful videos, and who has really made the breakthrough in 2021:

YouTube rankings 2021: best videos, creator and more

3. Rainbow Six: Operation High Caliber Began – all the info

Finally, new content for Rainbow Six Siege fans! On November 30, the last season began with the name “High Caliber”. The Outback map has received an extensive overhaul, the new Thorn defender joins the trappers, and the new HUD should give you a better overview. All that and more in detail:

Rainbow Six: Operation High Caliber Began – all the info

2. Escape from Tarkov: Wipe date revealed – Patch 12.12 at a glance

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore shooter game, just like it is in the book. This is exactly where it has received the biggest update from Battlestate Games in two years. The “inertia system” is designed to make life much more difficult for sprinters and careless players in general. Aside from that, a new map is finally coming into play, many other tweaks and innovations are also in the content plan for patch 12.12, the date of which we finally know.

Escape from Tarkov: Wipe date revealed – patch 12.12 overview

1. Friendly Fire 7 Result: New Record: Missed Milestone

Undefeated Track of the Week: Friendly Fire 7 ended and it was a huge hit again. A total of eight projects and associations can look forward to the donations raised totaling at least 1.8 million euros. On the twelve-hour broadcast alone, which only ended at 3 a.m. this Sunday, viewers donated more than 1.2 million euros to charity.

Friendly Fire 7 Result: New Record – Missed Milestone

As always, all interesting news is available on and especially in our news category.

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In the weekly review above, you can find out which topics seemed particularly big and important the week before:

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