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Super Mario is a timeless hero and Nintendo’s mascot


Super Mario is one of the best known and recognized video game characters in the world.. The mustache plumber quickly became Nitendo’s mascot thanks to numerous appearances in dedicated video games.

The affection of the public is incalculable and this confirms how the success of Super Mario has been able to survive the first 40 years of its history unscathed. Of course, The plumber’s first appearance dates back to 1981 in Donkey Kong’s cabinet.. Since then, the success of Super Mario has never stopped.

Nintendo has created many video games that have Mario as the protagonist. In many other productions, however, he appears as a playable character. Beyond Classic platforms have been created with sports titles, adventure titles and much more..

The success of Super Mario has continued uninterrupted for 40 years.

According to the data collected by UswitchMario’s success goes far beyond what one can imagine. Total there are more than 230 games in which the plumber appears for more than 2700 hours of gameplay. To play all of these titles, you’d need to dust off the Game Boy Advance, Gamecube, NES, and even multiple cabinets.

Although Mario has been on screens since 1981 and is in good health throughout the 1990s, It was in the 2000s that the popularity reached new levels.. Nintendo publishes 15 games in 2005 alone, while in 2006 it is the turn of the Nintendo Wii launch, which brings the character closer to a younger audience. In 2008 Mario Kart arrives that soon becomes a cult among fans.

The next decade, on the other hand, represents the pinnacle of plumber fame. The launch of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch it is accompanied by a record level of satisfaction. Both titles obtain an average score of 97/100 which confirms the quality of Nintendo’s productions.

Mario’s story is full of successes and we are sure that the fame of the most beloved plumber in the world will continue to grow.

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