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The ingenious trick to end a phone call that is boring us without being obnoxious or rude


The telephone has now become an integral part of our life. None of us leave home without our smartphone. We really use the cell phone for everything. Call, listen to music, take photos. As they say in the movie “Perfect Strangers”, the phone has now become the black box in which we lock our entire lives. And finding a moment of privacy is really difficult, as long as it takes. For example, when we just want to be alone, but a call comes in that we have to answer, we don’t know how to attack without being rude. And this is what today’s article is based on. We want to recommend you the ingenious trick to end a phone call that is boring us without being unpleasant or rude. In this case, it will suffice to use psychology.

An annoying call, that’s how easy it will be to stop it

Let’s imagine that we are with a close friend, with our partner or simply in bed or on the sofa to relax. Maybe we are reading a book that caught our attention. Or we are watching a movie that has taken us longer than normal. And suddenly we see the phone ring. This is a call that we have to respond to, but we want to finish quickly. But unfortunately, the person on the other end of the phone seems to want to chat more than they should. To make it stop, just say a few simple words.

What exactly do we have to say so that the conversation ends quickly and you enjoy some relaxation?

We use psychology. We don’t make it clear that the conversation is getting annoying for us, but we emphasize how much the other person’s time is essential and therefore wasted on the phone. All we have to say is that we do not want to retain the other. We know how busy you are and how many things you have to do, so we prefer not to stay too long on your cell phone, and we want to give you the space and time you need to do all your important tasks. . We conclude, then, indicating that, if you feel like it, we can talk later, to highlight our pleasure in chatting with him or her. This way the other will feel flattered and end the call with a smile. So here is the brilliant trick to end a phone call that is boring us without being obnoxious or rude.


Be careful not to answer this call that many are receiving in the last period

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