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Super Seducer 3 – Super Seducer 3 has been banned by Steam


While initially scheduled for release on February 12, Super Seducer 3 had been postponed multiple times, due to successive denials from Valve. The American company finally decided to reject the game entirely.

To present the big picture, let’s take a step back. Super Seducer is an FMV seduction game, the first two episodes of which were released (on Steam) in 2019. If these releases had not experienced any difficulties and allowed the license to reach a large audience (more than 100,000 players each) , the two games were later rejected on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, who did not want to see these games on their platforms.

In early February 2021, Steam hosted its traditional festival to test demos of upcoming games. On this occasion, the first chapter of Super seductive 3 was available … for 1 hour, before being removed by Valve, without a real explanation.

With the release of the game approaching, the first test (or broadcast) codes have been provided. In particular, this allowed me to play and write a test for JeuxOnline. This test was supposed to be published on the day Super Seducer 3 was released on Steam, but this release has been repeatedly postponed, due to successive refusals from Steam to release the game. Valve It may be surprising, given the number of games that can almost be classified as pornographic present on the platform.


The company justifies its choice by the fact that it is about real people and not animated characters. Also, even if the game is enough gentle (We don’t see naked women or bare breasts – there is nothing worse in the game than on Instagram, for example), it still contains some more daring scenes than in previous games. In the first two chapters, the first one in particular, the camera focuses a lot on the bodies of the two young women we are trying to seduce. In addition, during the explanation of each of the tips, Richard La Ruina was surrounded by young people in their underwear.

These were blurry in the version I had, but those scenes probably contributed to Valve’s decision. Several exchanges between the developers and Steam followed, the former saying that they were ready for any modifications to get the game approved. However, the ax fell this morning: Super Seducer 3 was definitely rejected.

And now ? Remember that the game was rejected on PlayStation and Xbox. I was also in theEpic games Store and follow GoG. An exit in Change is planned and there may be other ways to sell the game on PC. However, in all cases, the damage suffered is significant:

  1. The game has been fully developed, with a release on Steam. It will probably be much more difficult to monetize without this outlet.
  2. Steam is the largest platform available for PC. Yes, it is possible to launch it elsewhere, but sales will necessarily suffer.
  3. Since the beginning of February, many streamers have been playing the game, which stands out. By postponing its release, the title loses the opportunity to take advantage of this media avalanche.
  4. For the past two years, the developers have focused their communication on Steam, which includes getting people to add the game to their wish lists. 61,700 people had done it. This is all gone – even if the developers released the game elsewhere, they would have no way of notifying everyone who added the game to their wish list.

Richard La Ruina had already warned that this title would be the last Super Seducer and that he planned to launch a horror game on FMV, a more consensual topic. It is hoped that he will find a solution for the game and that this does not impede the development of Horror Seducer.

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