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This will erase the content on your computer and smartphone.


If you want to update your smart devices from time to time, please note that before you sell or trade them, please reset them. This allows the device to return to the state it was in when it came out of the package. It also removes all personal data, so you should pay attention if you need information stored on the device. The operation, of course, is irreversible except for those who are equipped with advanced means. On the other hand, you will prevent the disclosure of your private browsing history by the person who bought your old computer or phone.

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The important thing to remember is to make a to-do list before deleting. Did you remember to upload the wedding photos to the cloud? Did you make a backup of important documents? Are movies and games on the backup drive? Did you remember to backup your WhatsApp chats? If the answer to all these is yes. You can go ahead.

This is how you will delete your computer before selling it Photo: Shatterstock

Windows: If in the past you had to log into DOS and perform the reset manually, Microsoft has improved a lot in recent years and in Windows 10 this is a simple operation like no other. First, type “reset” or “recovery” in the search field of the settings. The result should be “reboot computer”, “boot” or “reboot this PC” (if Windows is in English). Start the process by clicking “Start” or “Let’s get started.” In the options, select Delete all (Delete). Remember, the procedure is not reversible, so it is important to note that you have backed up everything.

Apple Macintosh: Unlike Microsoft, Apple doesn’t actually make it easy to reset MacOS computers. First restart the computer and when restarting, press the Command and R key combination. This will open a Recovery menu where you will select Disk Utility. Here you can see the drives installed on your computer. You will need to delete each folder individually by right-clicking and selecting “delete” or delete. Leave the MacOS folder as it contains the operating system files and deleting it will make restarting the computer difficult for the buyer. This is a slightly outdated approach to restarting the computer, but in fact this is exactly what Windows does in the method above without you seeing it.

Always select the reboot option which deletes the data and returns the device to factory settings Always select the reboot option which deletes the data and returns the device to factory settings Photo: Shatterstock

IPhone and iPad: Resetting Apple mobile devices is much simpler than computers. Go to Settings -> General -> Erase all content and settings or Remove all. Here you will be asked to enter your username and password. So if you don’t remember it, you need to get it back before you start resetting. Resetting Apple Watch is a similar operation and you won’t even be asked to enter an Apple ID. You can even do it from the iPad or iPhone through the Clock app. Choose General or General, from the My Watch menu, scroll down to Reset or Reset.

Android: While Android devices run on the same engine, each manufacturer adds an upper layer called the operational interface. Some keep Google’s navigation rules, but others choose to change them. Usually you will find the reset menu in the settings under the System or Security menu. If not, use the search field in the settings. Usually you will get 2-3 options: delete settings, backup and reset. Sometimes the latter will also appear as a return to factory settings. In any case, this is the option we need. Select it and follow the instructions for your device.

Easy smartphones are easier than computers, but it is important to remember to disconnect your connection to the account. Easy smartphones are easier than computers, but it is important to remember to disconnect your connection to the account. Photo: Shatterstock

Xbox One: Press the home button on the remote control -> select Settings (gear) -> System or System -> Console Information or Console Information and select Reset Console or Reset Console. You will find several options here, including restarting without deleting game data. To finish, select Reset and remove or Delete all.

Playstation 4: The most effective way to reset your PlayStation is by entering Safe Mode or Safe Mode. Turn off the console -> Press the power button on the console itself and leave it pressed until you hear a couple of beeps. The console has entered safe mode. Find the option (Initialize PS4 (Reinstall system software) and select it. The process may take some time, but it erases all data completely.

Consoles are also important to reset, especially if you are upgrading to a new generation. Consoles are also important to reset, especially if you are upgrading to a new generation.

Remember that almost all smart devices contain a certain amount of data that you may not want anyone else to find. Also remember to disconnect the device from your account used in the app stores in the account settings or in your user accounts with any manufacturer. On Windows, this is done through Outlook or a Microsoft account; At Apple through an Apple ID or iTunes account; And in Google it is possible through any company service by entering the user menu found in your profile photo at the top of your sites. In addition, there are devices, such as Amazon for example, where the reset must be done simultaneously on the device and on the account.

If you are not sure about something, do a Google search or feel free to check with your device manufacturer, sometimes the settings change over the years depending on the versions of the operating systems. In any case, it is important to remember to backup everything.

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