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Suspicious Jeremy Chin in Sunday match

Suspicious Jeremy Chin in Sunday match

Charlotte — Rookie Safety Jeremy Chinn (knee) is suspicious in a match against the Chiefs on Sunday.

Chin was a limited participant in the practice on Thursday and Friday after not attending on Wednesday. If Chin is unavailable, the Panthers rely on multiple players to play his broader role in defense.

“(W) Jeremy needs to be smart about everything he has done for us and leverage the people on our roster,” said Defense Coordinator. Phil Snow I said on Thursday. “We have someone who fills it really well.”

Still, Snow admitted that Chin’s absence would change some of his defensive calls.

“What he can do is rely on you, and you may not be able to do it without him playing,” Snow said.

Russell Okung (calf) on the left tackle is suspicious in the 9th week and may miss two games in a row.Head coach Matt Roule Trent Scott, Greg Little, and Dennis Daily may be in charge, so we plan to use rotation in that position.

“There are enough guys to join and play the left tackle to be successful,” Roule said Thursday.

Roule also expects the Panthers to rejuvenate Christian McCaffrey’s return to the 53-person roster this weekend. Macca-free snap count is determined.

“He practices a lot,” said Roule. “If you know Christians, he wants to go.”

Defensive end tackle Zack Car (toe) and defensive end Mark Is Haynes (shoulder) are also suspicious in the match on Sunday.

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