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Tamil Hackathon: An International Programming Competition in Tamil


Programming contest

From time to time we have heard in India and Tamil Nadu that there is a trick called a programming competition. There are rarely computer skills in Tamil. One of these competitions is being held internationally by the Coimbatore Government College of Technology in association with the Tamil World Information Technology Forum (UTTAM) on March 5, 6 and 7, 2021 online.

The Government Arts College, Coimbatore, in partnership with the World Tamil Information Technology Forum (UTTAM) is hosting the Tamil Arts, Literature and WikiProject online program on March 5, 6 and 7, 2021. Students must present solutions on relevant topics.

Many problem statements are listed for the competition. Students can create a processor, software, or prototype that works for them. The winners will receive a total prize of Rs 30,000 and a certificate for all participants. There are challenges that can be applied not only to the creativity competence of students, but also to the Tamil-speaking world.Everything from the internet we use today to the keyboard has taken shape and materialized in someone’s imagination. That is why we say that complete education is outside the book. In that way, science or programming based contests are held to enhance students’ imaginations and enhance innovation. That is, there will be competition to put some problems first and create a technical solution for them.

Additionally, with the help and guidance of experts in the field, students can create great innovations. For college students without work experience, these types of activities can help them find employment, such as an introductory card and a skills assessment tool.

We have seen so many technological advances on the internet that all of this is not in Tamil or Tamil. Its main purpose is to encourage our students to bring such things to our Tamil. There are interesting topics to modernize all Tamil arts like martial arts, painting, cooking, music and bring them to the computer. Similarly, there are challenges that language tools can create from Tamil grammar to literature. Apart from these two, Wikipedia, a free art repository, can also offer a solution for Tamil based on your projects.

Students can take advantage of this as there is not only competition, but also expert training and guidance. Students 15 years and older must participate in a team of two to four people. The last day to book is February 25. Extra special is that you can attend any department, any university, any country. You can go to this link and register.

The fact that Tamil technology competitions are held internationally shows not only the pride of the Tamils ​​but also the duty of the younger generation.

First published: February 11, 2021

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