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What IDS staff want to see in the new EASports College football game


On the morning of February 2, EA Sports made a special announcement for its fans.

It’s simple enough and has been sent to 2.1 million followers on Twitter. I wrote “For those who didn’t stop believing …” and attached an image.

Twitter erupted. The tweet was shared by many, including Joel Klatt of Fox Sports, Quarterback Joe Burrow of Cincinnati Bengals, and Nicole Auerbach of Athletic.

According to a statement from EA Sports, there has been a thirst for college football video games since the NCAA football series was put into hibernation in September 2013 after NCAA and several conferences withdrew support for the game.

Now that the series is somehow resurrected, we asked the staff of the Indiana Daily Student what they would like to see from the new game.

Patrick Felts-Women’s Soccer Reporter

There’s a lot I want to see from this new iteration. Most importantly, to be honest, it’s not a game like the Madden NFL game. Modern Madden is terrible, the Frostbite physics engine just doesn’t fit football gameplay, and it’s full of microtransactions (paying less for in-game profits). Basically, if you keep the gameplay of the previous NCAA game and add some new stuff, such as a real coach or a custom bowl game, this game can be perfect.

Ashley Horner-Rowing Reporter

I’m not very familiar with sports video games, but I think it’s great to incorporate historic plays as animations such as 2-point conversions at the end of the IU-Penn State game by Michael Pennix Jr.

Griffin Healy-Softball Reporter

One of the big things I want to see in the new NCAA game is the FCS School. Imagine a school in a region with little national support, such as Indiana State University or Maristo College, finally being incorporated into video games to grow your brand. That is wonderful. Moreover, it is no exaggeration to say that he played in the Ivy League and other small conferences such as the Metro Athletic Atlantic Conference and the Patriot League.

David Wolfbender-City Reporter

EA wants college football players to compensate for using their names and portraits in million-dollar video games. And of course, I want the game to have a real name.

Colin Kulpa-Editor-in-Chief

I’m talking about all the teams. Include DePauw University and Wabash College so you can play for Monombel with the best D-III rivals in the country. I want to take Indiana to the FCS playoffs. I want to finish my job as a coordinator at a rural school in Pennsylvania on D-II and become the head coach of Hoosiers after 15 seasons of video games.

Then move these teams up and down the division as needed. This is a video game. Put Indiana in the Big Ten and see what happens. Alternatively, you can place Rutgers in the Ohio Valley and compete in fifth place each year, like at Austinpy University.

Think big! That way, apart from the fact that if EA Sports physics is as terrible as the recent Madden games, we’re back in our lives, at least we really like the game.

Colin Light-Swimming and Diving Reporter

In the early days of quarantine, I rediscovered all the glory that was NCAA Football 14. The scene of the offline dynasty in the 12-0 regular season, led by Michael Penix Jr., played a faint role of hope as the world seemed ready to collapse. EA can literally make this game look like it was shot with a potato and I’m not angry. The pure existence of this game reminds us that anything is possible, and the world where Tom Allen’s 2020 Hoosiers are the Big Ten East champions is completely out of reach. Keep dreaming of children.

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