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TFT Dragonlands: Set 7 Released – Dragons are on the loose!

TFT Set 7 is live! Dragonlands brings a lot of new content. Source: Riot Games

The seventh set of Teamfight Tactics is now available on live servers! With patch 12.11, Riot Games TFT brings Dragonlands from the PBE to normal servers, officially ringing in Set 7. You can also let off steam on the ranked list.

TFT Set 7 is populated by ancient dragons and also brings with it many innovations. New origins and classes, new champions, the new Dragon Realms pass, new augments, and much more.

With the Shapeshifter, Chevalier, Dragon Prophet and Co. classes, there are, as always, numerous possible combinations for your favorite build, additional origins like fireworks, ragewing or scale scorn provide even more variety. Speaking of scale taunts, characters from this origin take on Dragontide. So if you don’t like winged monsters, you can stamp them on the ground with the right strategy.

Of course, the new eggs are also part of the game, containing new little legends and playing on your need for individualization.

The new rankings

After the reset, you must complete five placement games on the TFT ranking list, in which you cannot lose any league points, even if you do not finish in the top 4. But all players will start their journey in Iron 2, so with good rankings and extra LP earned, you can already stand out from the crowd and have a head start on your way to the top.

In Hyper-Roll mode, all players’ ratings have been reset to 500, Double Up has evolved and now uses the metal rating system instead of its own rating. In Double Up, too, your journey now begins in Iron 2.


While some augments didn’t make it to set 7, new ones are coming. The carousel of bonuses that you can get in the course of the game continues to spin merrily. However, it is almost more interesting that the timing of the selection was changed.

So you get your first raise no longer in phase 1-4 but in phase 2-1. The second raise is available a little earlier (phase 3-2 instead of 3-3) and the third raise will also be available to you much earlier so that you can follow a clearer structure in your tactics (from 4-6 to 4-2 ).

You can also refresh the boosts offered once per game to avoid a complete bonus failure. By the way, gold augments are now the new standard as well, replacing the previous silver trend, which will now appear much less frequently.

The full patch notes for Set 7 and Update 12.11 can be found at this link.

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