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That's why the developers opted for the new over-the-shoulder camera.

That’s why the developers opted for the new over-the-shoulder camera.

New features of the “Silent Hill 2” remake that have already been confirmed include the over-the-shoulder camera, from which the horror adventure is presented to you. In a recent dev diary, the Bloober Team addressed the reasons that led to this design decision.

After the rumors of the last few months, Konami finally officially announced last week the remake of the horror classic “Silent Hill 2”, which was released for PlayStation 2 in 2001.

As already speculated, the creators of “The Medium” and “Blair Witch” from Bloober Team act as developers, who left out in a current development diary about the goals they pursue. The Polish studio is said to have set itself the goal of making a similar impression with the “Silent Hill 2” remake as Konami did with the 2001 original.

Since the wishes and demands of players are different today than they were 20 years ago, Bloober Team couldn’t help but make corresponding adjustments and optimizations. One of the reasons why those responsible decided to change the camera to the new perspective over the shoulder.

Developers want an immersive gaming experience

Bloober Team comments: “We want Silent Hill 2 to have the same strong impact today that the original title had 21 years ago. While our goal is the same end result, player expectations have changed over time. Certain aspects need to be modernized to achieve the same or similar effect. So we decided to use the over-the-shoulder camera, for example, to be able to draw players into the game world as much as possible.”

Anyone who fears that the developers at Bloober Team incorporate too many ideas of their own that differ markedly from the original “Silent Hill 2” from 2001 can rest easy. As reported by journalist Imran Khan, citing “sources close to the project”, those responsible for Konami would have decided to keep Bloober Team “at bay in case of possible innovations”.

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“Silent Hill 2” is in development for PlayStation 5 and PC and, according to the team at Bloober, is already in the advanced production. A possible release period has not yet been mentioned.

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