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The ambitious thriller details your PC settings

The ambitious thriller details your PC settings

Bloober Team’s psychological thriller The Medium, in addition to its rather surprising art direction, also has a technique that promises to be particularly mastered. It is also necessary that your PC can hold the road.

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Fully compatible with Nvidia RTX and DLSS 2.0, The Medium is not the least ambitious game from Bloober Team, which has not done things by halves for PC setups. In fact, the table (visible in our gallery) is particularly exhaustive.

Very very greedy

Take into account, for example, that to enjoy the game in the best possible conditions, that is, RTX On High, Ultra and 4K, you need a minimum RTX 3080, which leaves you in doubt. For more mid-range cards like RTX 3060 Ti or RTX 2060, they allow you to play at 1440P and 1080p respectively. Keep in mind anyway that this is all indicative and nothing prevents you from making your little adjustment to find what best suits your machine.

The game will launch on January 28 for PC and Xbox Series X | Yes, it will allow you to play as Marianne, a medium with the gift of being able to travel in the fawn realm of spirits. Insidious.

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