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The Angler Release: The new COTW adventure starts today (all information)

With the hunter’s call of the wild has the swedish developer expansive worlds attracted you to digital nature since 2017. With The Call of the Wild: The Fisherman a new adventure begins. Instead of chasing big four-legged friends, you now grab the fishing rod. In the latest release of the franchise, you become a fisherman and go in search of the biggest fish.

It’s only been a few weeks since Expansive Worlds introduced the new fishing simulation (The Angler Preview). The announcement was received with great surprise by the community; after all, there is a lot of overlap between hunting and fishing fans. In the past, the desire to enable fishing on theHunter has been expressed several times. However, due to the very different gameplay mechanics, Expansive Worlds has probably decided against it. Instead, The Angler, an entirely new standalone PC game that focuses exclusively on fishing, launches today on August 31.

The Fisherman: Overview

In COTW the fisherman you slip into the role of a fisherman. In the first person perspective you can move freely on a very large map. With his fishing gear, he looks for suitable spots in the reserve and then tries to catch particularly proud fish. This gives you experience and money. This in turn allows you to purchase new and/or better equipment. So you can discover other species and catch them with the right bait.

For release you stay with him Golden Reserve A large map is available, which is modeled on the landscape of Wyoming, USA, including its most iconic fish species. A total of 12 different species are already included in the game (you can find a list below).

The fisherman’s throw Trailers:

Before you begin your great fishing adventure, you create a male and female character from a selection of different outfits. As the game progresses, you can unlock more clothing items and further customize your appearance. Your starting kit includes a rod and a simple worm bait. You can gradually purchase other useful tools and vehicles at your local Sophia Taylor dealer store.

There is a wide range of gear available to you at The Angler. So you can buy rods, reels, lines, artificial lures, hooks, baits, floats, jig heads, soft baits. A distinction is made between different categories, for example there are spinning rods, baitcast rods and match rods and the appropriate reels for them. Baits are also divided into many categories and weights. You can choose the material of your fishing line, its color and strength. There are truly countless possible combinations to create the correct configuration for each application.

The game begins (if desired) with a simple tutorial. This will teach you the basics of digital fishing. In this way you will learn to cast your rod correctly, to recognize when a fish has stung, to tire it out and finally to reel in the line. The controls are easy to learn and its HUD gives you information on the necessary metrics: how far away the fish is, how strong the line pull is, etc. You will also learn the different fishing techniques such as pumping and how to deal with the brake, which you can adjust correctly for the required pull.

fishing is better together

With the multiplayer mode, the developers allow players to compete with others in fishing and go fishing together. A total of ten anglers can stay together on the map and thus experience some time together in the virtual wilderness. This is possible thanks to the connection to the apex connect Infrastructure of expansive worlds. If you wish, you can log in with a corresponding account and release the game for other participants in the options. If you prefer to fish in peace and alone, of course you can too.

The beautiful landscape invites you to explore.

much freedom

With The Angler, the developers want to redefine the genre and create a completely new fishing experience. Central to this freedom is the vast open world, which has never been seen in any fishing game before. You can cross the country on foot, with your vehicle and the waters by boat and set off in search of the most beautiful fishing spots. The landscape offers countless rivers, streams, large lakes and small ponds. To make your journey a little easier, you can also use fast travel. The dynamic course of the day is atmospheric and also has an effect on the animal world.

The freedom of this title is also reflected in the gameplay. Whether your primary interest is fishing, you enjoy exploring and learning more about the land, or you prefer completing quests and challenges, all playstyles will be rewarded. You get money or experience for various actions, unlock achievements or improve your high score by fishing. In the menu you will find a map and lots of information about your progress, along with a detailed manual. There you can see your profile, missions, lost objects and of course your best captures. The latter each have a TruScore, as is known from theHunter. This depends on the weight, type and size of the fish. Plus, there’s a prize for every catch: Can you manage to get a diamond rating?

There are 15 different watchdogs (missions), 36 challenges, and 102 views to discover for launch.

Do you want to learn more about the spirit of The Angler? We talked to the developers at gamescom. They told us what they want to achieve with The Angler:

COTW The Angler: developers promise unique gameplay

The fisherman: What fish are there?

There are a total of 12 different fish species for The Angler release. These fish are found in the Golden Ridge Preserve:

  • largemouth bass
  • smallmouth bass
  • bluegill sunfish
  • spotted fork catfish
  • largemouth bass
  • european pike
  • kokanee salmon
  • canadian walleye
  • golden trout
  • american char
  • Rainbow trout
  • mountain white fish
cotw the fisherman screenshot 7
There are different types of fish to discover in The Angler.

dynamic population

The fish in The Angler were not placed on the map by hand. To get the proper fishing feel, you’ll need to start looking for the animals every time. The dynamic population is simulated in the background using a proprietary system and is based on various criteria, such as water type, depth, time of day, and other factors.

Over time you will need to develop a sense of which waters you can find which fish. However, you will never be guaranteed a good catch, just like with real fishing. However, you can also observe activity in the water with the naked eye: fish ripple through the water, search for food, and reveal their location.

Who is the game for?

With Call of the Wild The Angler, the developers want to appeal to a wide range of players. Due to the many possibilities and activities such as fishing, exploration and gathering, there should be something for every type of player. Anyone who wants to delve into the details of fishing can easily do so. Those who prefer to complete quests or wander around the area will also be satisfied. Each player must design his adventure in nature the way he wants.

The game mechanics are designed for an authentic fishing experience, but must be easy to use. The Angler doesn’t see itself as a pure simulation, and the complexity comes more from knowing the right strategy: what rod and bait to use for what fish, where you’re most likely to find a species, and the like.

If you like relaxed gameplay, if you like fishing, or if you have already enjoyed Hunter Call of the Wild, you will definitely enjoy The Angler and you should definitely give the game a try. Even newcomers find it very easy to enter the world of digital fishing. With the multiplayer mode, you can also meet with your friends and exchange your knowledge or not and you prefer to compete in a sports competition.

At launch, we already have a solid game, which should continue to be developed together with the community in the future. The developers are also planning long-term support and want to gradually expand The Angler with a lot more content, as we already know from theHunter.

All in all, The Angler has a good chance of becoming the new favorite title for fishing lovers.

Screenshots of Call of the Wild: The Fisherman:

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