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The bank accidentally transfers 10.5 million: a woman buys a villa first

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Of: Bjarne Komnick bank accidentally overpaid a woman by $10.5 million. Getting the money back is harder than she thought.

Meblourne: Cryptocurrency trading platform accidentally transferred $10.5 million to Melbourne-based Australian Thevamanogari Manivel. She quickly bought a villa with him and put the money away in different accounts. The company, doing business as Foris GFS in Australia, only noticed the mistake seven months into the transaction and took it to court, reports and

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Woman accidentally receives $10.5 million from bank when she was only supposed to receive $100

In reality, the transfer was just a 100 Australian dollar refund. The reason for this is that a company employee accidentally entered the Mannivel account number in the sum field. Latest Banco Santander even accidentally transferred 150 million euros to thousands of accounts. – the recipients were allowed to keep the money., however, took legal action earlier this year and went to the High Court of Victoria to recover the money.

A woman accidentally transfers $10.5 million from a cryptocurrency company and quickly buys a mansion. © David Crosling/dpa/George Mdivanian/imago/Montage

The incident occurred late last year, but the hearing was prolonged because the woman had hidden the money, which made repatriation considerably more difficult. Similar to a Santiago man who was paid 330 times his salary and then went on the run. Only he receives more unearned salary “King of the Absent”: The man received a salary for 15 years without working. In the current banking case, the court was initially able to freeze the undeserving recipient’s account at Commonwealth Bank; however, around $400,000, this was only a fraction of the total amount accidentally paid.

Woman receives millions of euros by mistake and buys a villa

During the hearing, the judges learned that the beneficiary Manivel had already bought a $1.35 million mansion in Craigieburn, north of Melbourne, in February. However, he transferred ownership of the property to his sister Thilagavathy Gangadory, who lives in Malaysia.

The court then also issued an order against Gangadory to freeze the ill-gotten assets. However, they were initially unsuccessful because there was no reaction from the sister and her lawyers. The only sign of life the court saw was a note from Mannivel’s lawyers saying “received, thank you.” accidentally transfers 10 million euros; the money is still not returned

As a result, since the first attempts were unsuccessful, the court granted a default judgment to force Gangadory to sell the house as soon as possible. The money would have to return to the company immediately, along with about $30,000 in interest. According to the court, it is not yet clear whether the crypto-financial institution will recover the rest of the millions; not very likely.