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The best FREE Android emulators to download


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If you don’t have an Android tablet or smartphone and you want to run Android apps on Windows PC, then you are in the right place, because today we are going to reveal the best Android emulators.

If you have a iPhone or iPad and therefore you can’t play Android games for FREE or throw android app, do not despair, there is always the possibility of resorting to a lightweight Android emulator. What is the best emulator for Android?

There is not just one pc emulator for android, For this reason, we have compiled for you a list of best software that they allow you emulate android 11 and not only.

How to emulate Android on Windows 10?

Although there is a android emulator, those of download and install on PC are the best, since they allow you download and launch Android apps and games on Windows PC, using the latter’s resources.

How to download the Android emulator for PC? Below is a list of best Android emulators to download for FREE on Windows PC.

What is the best Android emulator for PC? We would personally answer this question. Bluestacks, the most historical, functional and updated Android PC Emulator, that allows you download and install apps and games dal Google Play Store as well as the format APK.

The software is comprehensive and compatible with most applications, you can use the keyboard, external controllers or the touch screen to play games. Once installed and running, you can decide how much RAM to dedicate, whether to customize the background, log in with theGoogle account and much more.

Yes, there is a Official Android Emulator for PC from Google, which allows you to run the latest version of Android, through one virtual smartphone remember the Google PIxel, complete with support for download apps from Google Play Store. The software in question is ideal if you want it test the android app before installing them on your device.

Other unofficial android emulator but optimized for play on pc complete with keyboard and controller stand is MemuPlay. It allows download and run games and applications, Is not the better than emulators but it is certainly a valid alternative to dough, especially useful if you don’t have a personal computer performance.

A valid alternative to Bluestacks, better optimized for play with android. L ‘emulator in question works in any personal computer and allows you download apps from Google Play Store, be it normal application The games.

Is not a emulator known, however he manages to perform most of Android games optimized for PC, complete with support for mouse, keyboard and external controllers. Ideal for play Android games on PC. It is not the best but it is still a good alternative, to try especially in personal computer less performance.

The best android reader developed by Tencent for to play. With the Program in question you can perform android games come Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, with a set of optimizations designed to adapt the game to your own PERSONAL COMPUTER.

L ‘download android emulator that you can find on the web, as it allows run android in window, then use other software simultaneously, with the possibility of install apps that need ROOT permissions, ideal for geeks, with the possibility of receive notifications and updates in real time.

Is a Android emulator pretty dated and hasn’t been updated in a while, but lets run Android games on PC they don’t have great optimizations or performance. If you have a Old pc, then this android emulator it could be for you.

FREE Android Emulator for Windows PC that allows you to perform any android app on Windows PC downloading it both from the Google Play Store che APK. The software in question is based on Virtualbox for emulate ARM processor giving the feeling of being awake smartphones or tablets. Allows you to spoof location detection. Gps, thus fooling the applications that need it.

It is an independent project based on Android x86. L ‘The emulator is FREE, lightweight, and stable., ideal for playing and catching How to Play. It certainly does not have the same characteristics as the Bluestacks, but still excellent software remarkable.

The last Android Emulator for Windows, but it is certainly not the least important Genymotion, that allows you view Android with the possibility of install games and applications various.

This is a list of Best Android Emulators to Download for FREE on Windows PC, with what you can run Android apps and games, useful in case you don’t have one Android smartphones or tablets.


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