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Xiaomi presents a new technology to increase battery efficiency by 10%

Xiaomi presents a new technology to increase battery efficiency by 10%

The Chinese company Xiaomi revealed its work on a new technology to increase battery efficiency through its upcoming phones, and the technology provides a large capacity of 10%, and the company was able to increase the silicon content in batteries. of the next phones.

Increase battery efficiency

According to the GSMArena website, Xiaomi’s new technology to increase battery efficiency will be able to save up to 100 minutes of additional operating time on a single charge, as a team from the company is currently working on the management and development of special bugs. .

And the battery has been improved by 10% along with modern technologies in phones, such as running faster applications and high screen refresh rates, which require high efficiency that is not covered by the original capacity of the battery.

Battery with fuel gauge

Xiaomi has sought to equip the new battery with a chip for fuel measurement, since it is based on advanced algorithms that improve the life of the cells and the safety since it monitors the charge throughout the night, and this mitigates the improvement of the overload condition when the phone is on. connected for a long time, as there are also some temperature controls through the use of additional sensors.

charging phones

And many smartphone companies are working to launch a new tariff for charging phones, including Xiaomi, where it will go from a fast charging speed of 120 watts to a faster speed of 150 watts, allowing phone users to charge in less than 20. minutes or less.

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