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the beta version comes to new devices, this is what

the beta version comes to new devices, this is what

Android 12L was announced last October, shortly after the release of the first stable version of Android 12, and is the version of Google’s operating system for “large” screenssuch as those in folding phones, phablets, tablets, and Chromebooks. Android 12L, in fact, promises to improve the user experience on these devices.

The first beta of Android 12L, limited to developers, is arrived in December on Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, the only device through which developers were able to experiment with the new Big G operating system. It is news in the last few hours that Google has released Android 12L in beta for various other devicesThat is, for all phones in the Pixel series starting with the Pixel 3A XL, with the exception of the recent Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

It is not clear why the lack of Android 12L compatibility for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but it seems that it has to do with the delays that occurred in December in the release of updates and patches for the two proprietary smartphones of the Great G, which in any case may receive Android 12 L in the future. Meanwhile, the new beta of the system brings with it various bug fixes, improvements in terms of optimization and system stability.

Among the main novelties of the new Beta 2 of Android 12L we find redesign of applications on the home page system, whose ratio to the total screen size has decreased slightly. In addition, Google also has revised and stabilized its own APIs for Android 12L, in order to allow developers to start creating their own applications designed specifically for the new Big G operating system.

We do not know when Android 12L will see a stable version, but the road still seems very long, especially since developers have yet to start creating versions of their apps and games that are compatible with the Big G foldable and phablet system. However, in all likelihood, Android 12L could see the light of day. end of the year, along with the new Google Pixel Fold.