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Troubled Engineering Seniors: Will The Government Listen? – Dinamani


Chennai: Engineering seniors who got jobs through an on-campus interview are in crisis as seasonal exams were postponed at all colleges due to the crown disaster.

They worry that the jobs they got at big companies will be lost as the year-end exam is postponed.

Students who find themselves in a situation where they have to accept employment in certain companies after the final exams of the year face sleepless nights due to the postponement of their semester exams.

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This is due to the fear that the deadline to come to work will end before the end of the year exam. We have not yet written the seventh and eighth semester exams. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving office. When will we write that Aryan exam, even though we have probably failed an exam? Will the job offer given to us be automatically canceled if we don’t pass the seasonal exams? Engineering seniors await you without hesitation with a thousand questions.

For some students, we have just entered education and then engineering. The job opportunity is the only way to close it. Seasonal exams scheduled for December are postponed. Some students at private engineering colleges say they don’t know what to do now.

According to staff at a private engineering college, IT companies typically offer engineering students until May or June. They are unlikely to extend their mandate as they currently need more staff immediately. Therefore, the government of Tamil Nadu should immediately intervene in this matter and ensure that the final year students take the exam.

Similarly, they have demanded that seniors studying at the College of Arts and Sciences be allowed to take their final exams online only by themselves.

Many students in their final year of engineering have a job offer on hand. Some are involved in overseas efforts abroad. Therefore, the request made on behalf of all seniors is that the Government of Tamil Nadu step in and take action on their case.

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