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The cameras of "Café Al-Tajamo'ah" reveal a surprise in the case of the expulsion of girls for wearing "abayas"

The cameras of “Café Al-Tajamo’ah” reveal a surprise in the case of the expulsion of girls for wearing “abayas”

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Sources revealed details of an incident. Kick out a bunch of girls In one of the cafes in the area of ​​the Fifth Settlement, in Cairo, in protest againstThey wear the abaya That was shared on the social networking sites Facebook.
The sources said: that when examining and communicating with the owner of the aforementioned cafe, he denied the circulated complaints, and gave the security services a CD with a recording of the surveillance cameras of the cafe that showed his entrance to his friends who were present without your objection.
The owner of the cafe revealed that the girls left without leaving Pay for your requests After they created a problem with the manager of the cafe, he was shocked that one of them defamed the cafe on the social network Facebook.
A report on the incident has been issued and is being submitted to the Public Ministry for investigation, and the girls are being detained to hear their statements on the charges against them.

Dina Hashish, one of the girls present in the incident, was on her Facebook account: “One thought I was still a month away from burkini suffocation and class cramps, but I opened the season with the first story of mine and of Café is a simple but updated shisha cafe on 90th street, with finishing costs, ebony vendors, and cafe staff, so think Mahjoub.

She said we started getting together and there were 5 of us girls, each of us looking like blondes, me, with veils of different shapes, a diverse group like the Benetton ads. We are Tim Content writing for 1.7 million followers, and the best thing about us is our differences, because we deliver to all of our followers, regardless of their background. “

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And he continued: “After two hours, another girl arrived with tears in her eyes of shame and told us, I can’t attend the meeting, I don’t want to be here because I’m wearing an abaya !!! I am not a member of the content team, I am saying that I will build you out of my love and admiration for her.

Hashish mentioned the incident and said: “I was happy for the director, I told him, what a shame, we are in 2021, and I presented strong dialogues of fear of the difference, and I will not argue with you that you have a lesson code, you right, but I am their address and they bring them and you are in front of them. You must see respectable people. The place is already empty. They tell me on cameras and the manager is blaming me. It is not allowed to wear abaya, niqab, or slippers. I have never been evicted from a place in my life, and one day it will be in a cafe, and I don’t even want to eat and they chased us on the street to pay for the food We didn’t eat it and it was complete as is and we said let you manager pay him after this humiliation. He kicks me out while I’m eating and says push “.

She continued: “We all support our friend and support her decision to use it, and we walked and went to Casper & Gambinis, which is the fanciest, the cleanest and the most expensive, and there is no human being to wear. Event delayed . I hope from the director of Hookah that you see a doctor who can help you solve your psychological problems. Psychological treatment is not a defect. This will help us accept. Regarding your marketing and brand development problem. “

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Among the comments, Hashish revealed a message he received from the cafe through his Instagram account, stating that the cafe respects all girls and that Hashish’s work team was present for more than two hours prior to the incident.