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The children’s bedroom, useful ideas to create it perfect – design and garden


Often overflowing with objects and difficult to rearrange in the absence of proportionate spaces and adequate furniture, the organization of the children’s room seems to be the concern of many parents. Here are some helpful ideas for creating the perfect bedroom.

As the other way around, on two levels
The system with a bed placed in the closet or with the so-called “platform bed”, even for a time in the 90s, continues to be a classic for all bedrooms and is the solution that above all makes it possible to exploit the centimeters vertically. and get two separate areas for different activities. Having the bed on a raised floor allows you to recover a lot of space to furnish with order for study or for play and creativity. “Downstairs” you will create a well-defined environment, to be arranged with everything you need: desk, wardrobes, shelves, shelves for games and even a TV area for entertainment and games. “In general, we see increasing attention to custom-made solutions to the centimeter that allow us to enhance even the smallest or most difficult spaces. Some projects of Italian carpenters, architects or interior designers find very creative solutions that surprise and help maintain the beloved order! “says Leonora Sartori, editor of Houzz, the restructuring and design platform. Experts also recommend paying attention to the lighting of the desk, inserting a lamp with a rotating cap to avoid annoying shadows and generate a cool light that helps to read without forcing the view.

Mode-on concentration, the desktop niche
The use of unused compartments and niches is valid to recreate intimate and cozy study corners. Thanks to the depth, it is in fact possible to position the countertop internally, creating a reserved area. Also, if you choose the same color for furniture and walls, you can make the niche blend in perfectly with the surrounding environment, equipped and functional as any bedroom should be. To solve the clutter of a lamp in a niche that is not always large, experts recommend recessed spotlights, while tall units and shelves placed on the countertop will be useful for storing school supplies, favoring order and concentration. In addition, a magnetic paint wall or blackboard will be used to take notes and reminders, a good way to learn to organize from an early age.

Narnia’s wardrobe, disappearing elements
The idea of ​​taking advantage of a niche can become even more interesting if you choose to close it with doors that hide the desk or shelves to store everything when it is not needed. Full height bookcases closed by sliding doors or that open are a trend, with them you can take advantage of every inch of space and also insert useful baskets and containers. If you do not have the adequate depth, you can use cabinets or extendable shelves to optimize space and obtain an extra surface. Additionally, keeping play and relaxation areas separate from the study area helps avoid easy temptations. Here, professionals recommend opting for a single structure that occupies a single wall in the room and contains a loft bed and a retractable desk, each item to be pulled out and removed as needed. In these cases, the intervention of a professional makes the difference because personalization is essential.

Rintanarsi in Mansard
For those who can completely redesign, it is good to know that even the attic can be transformed into a small but pleasant bedroom, just like the ones in American movies. “Mansarda” is a room that for many is the solution to find space without having to move from home. Making an attic livable is an investment for many homeowners who, with the help of a professional, can add value and square footage. In the latest photos published on the platform, we see study solutions in the attic that imply the presence of a desk with a built-in drawer with wheels, to be moved when studying, so as not to hinder a correct posture.

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