Instagram requires very complex processes to compile a user’s feed. There are indications that this would be complemented by an alternative solution, but this other side, that is, the consumer of the content, would have more voice.

A developer named Alessandro Paluzzi noticed a few days ago that Instagram was testing a change in the feed that would allow the user to carry forward the content of certain accounts. As a result, the selected images appear earlier, while the photos compiled by the algorithm can only be browsed after that.

TO Gizmodo According to him, this feature can make the Instagram feed much more colorful, and at the same time a solution can be found to one of the disturbing phenomena of the service, which many say. This is because the image sharer now classifies images based on complex processes for everyone and displays the content of accounts that have been produced according to these parameters. In this way, however, the user can see images that they are not very curious about and only get the most interesting ones later, after a full scroll.

Discovering Paluzzi seems to solve this problem by involving the user: you would have to establish which accounts would be favorites in order for the service to select the favorite content. A similar development is also available for Facebook pages: the user can highlight which posts from the top of the feed appear as if they are ranked.

Instagram, in response to a question, did not deny what they were working on, but did attempt to point out that the feature was still highly experimental in nature. It is not known when it is planned to introduce it.

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