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The Cycle: Frontier – Postponed Release, Extended Beta

The Cycle: Frontier arrives later than announced, the beta is extended. Source: YAGER

The developers and publishers of The Cycle: Frontier have agreed to release the Escape from Tarkov-style competitive online shooter this month, in April 2022. But now everything in YAGER is different than planned.

As its managers now announce, the first-person shooter, in which you explore the planet Fortuna III and have to assert yourself against the flora and fauna as well as against other players, can no longer be released this month. In the course of the current testing phase, numerous problems were identified, also and especially with the help of the community, that still had to be taken care of beforehand.

Previous plans canceled

Consequently, YAGER Development is moving away from previous plans to release The Cycle: Frontier in April 2022. Instead, they want to take the time to reach a highly polished state before release. They are extremely focused on working on the recognized build sites and will therefore continue to release urgently needed weekly patches. This will also be the case again on Wednesday, April 13, when patch 2.4 goes live. But more on this in a moment.

The developers emphasize that thousands of adventure seekers are still in Fortuna III every day and write their own stories there on their travels. To further make this possible, Closed Beta 2, which was initially only scheduled to run until April 4 and is easily accessible, will run until April 25. This excludes an assumption that we had already expressed beforehand. So it won’t happen as expected as The Cycle: Frontier goes straight from the current beta phase to full release.

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At the beginning of the second closed beta, which for the first time really anyone who is interested can access, it was still reliable to have The Cycle ready and be able to publish it in April. Even the post-launch plans, including Seasons, Endgame and much more, had already been discussed:

The Cycle: Full release planned for April

Patch follows instead of release, that’s on 2.4

So Wednesday is patch day again. As promised, with the 2.4 update, YAGER fixes other issues that are still present in the current beta version of The Cycle. The associated maintenance work in Germany should start at 10 am Being informed about this point in time is particularly important as in-game notifications are currently not working. So if you’re in a raid when maintenance starts, you’ll lose all the gear you brought to the active mission.

Patch 2.4 brings some changes that players have been asking for for a while. For example, the outlines of your squadmates will only be visible when they are in your line of sight. Additionally, a player’s drop sequence will now not start until the loading process is complete, to prevent them from being killed while the game hasn’t loaded.

In addition, YAGER is explicitly modifying prices and costs related to processing, crafting, and repairing items, and provides uncommon and rare rewards for players’ first contracts. Additionally, Ratters and Marauders should now switch aggression more frequently when fighting multiple endings at once. Also, in some cases, late-game lost items should no longer count towards quest progress. Last but not least, some bugs that made usable exploits that would become history in the future would be squashed.

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A known issue, which will likely remain for the time being, is misleading data in the combat log. Additionally, there is currently an issue with the support tool, which means you may not receive a direct response to tickets. These still need to be reviewed and answered.

Check out the full patch notes for The Cycle: Frontier Patch 2.4 here.