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The digital trustee: safe, fast and reliable

The digital trustee: secure, quickly and trusted

Thanks to the ISO 27001 certification and the corresponding interior procedures, the maximum stage of safety is guaranteed in the new portal. The information is backed by OBT and the internet hosting is run as a result of OBT Swiss Cloud, which usually means that all info is saved in Switzerland. Safety also has the best priority when logging in, so this is done employing two-factor authentication (password and SMS passcode).

Paperwork to be shared are saved in workforce rooms and new paperwork are quickly acknowledged. These can be considered and edited with a one simply click and uploaded or downloaded by using drag and drop. For a greater overview, they can also be managed in subfolders and direct reports to the related specialist can be posted quickly and quickly.

Different processing processes, so-known as workflows, can be very easily defined so that everyone in a team space is aware their responsibilities and does not neglect everything. For example, payroll runs and accounts payable can be organized and built-in specifically into Abacus. The customer and the consultant are assigned tasks alternately right up until the respective method is completed.