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The fall of cryptocurrencies …

Bombay: In Bitcoin earlier this year … under the auspices of Elon Musk. Tesla Inc. is known for making large investments. In that order … cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, have grown tremendously. And … in this context … Elon Musk is showing the points to cryptocurrency investors. The details are as follows.

Tesla Inc. invested heavily in Bitcoin earlier this year. Green Energy is the reason … It is also known that he tweeted against Bitcoin a few days ago. In that order … Bitcoin … fell from $ 65,000 to less than $ 35,000. At this stage … Elon Musk is tweeting a bit positively again about cryptocurrency. The general demand for crypto is growing.

However, today (Thursday) … cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dozycoin lost slightly. Cryptocurrencies were up 3% to 3% today as investors turned to profit booking. Nine cryptocurrencies traded at a loss among the top ten digital tokens. In this context … some of the respective cryptocurrencies have similar values.

Bitcoin : $ 40,086.73, 0.97 percent less,

Ethereum : $ 2,527.11, 2.29% less,

Tie : $ 1.00, 0.01 percent less,

Finance currency : $ 361.56, 3.10% less,

Cardano : $ 1.55, 1.50% less,

Dozy Coin : $ 0.3166, down 2.99%,

XRP : $ 0.8647, a decrease of 2.56%,

Currency USD : $ 1, an increase of 0.03 percent.

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