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Cyberpunk 2077 update: patch 1.23 detail to download now |  Xbox one

Cyberpunk 2077 update: patch 1.23 detail to download now | Xbox just one

6 months right after its launch, Cyberpunk 2077 proceeds to be updated by CD Projekt. The studio nevertheless has some do the job to do to near the hole and resolve the many troubles with the game, as we still search ahead to listening to about the approaching written content, as perfectly as the patch committed to subsequent-gen consoles.

Now, update 1.23 is in the highlight and you can locate down below the very long list of fixes designed by this patch that can be downloaded now on consoles, Computer system, and Google Stadia. at?v=SdapMauuxAA

Update 1.23 information

Missions and open world

Room rarity

  • Set a bug where the aim “Open the package” could improve placement.

Agreement: Family members Affairs

  • Set a bug the place the participant could see Juliet’s car disappear soon after completing the mission.
  • Fixed a broadcast bug at Juliet’s property.
  • Fastened a bug wherever the participant could not enter Juliet’s dwelling if they did not fulfill any of the attribute situations.

Breaks it

  • Fastened a bug wherever Jackie could pass by way of glass.
  • Mounted a bug that prevented some guards from attacking the player.
  • Set a bug the place the objective “Obtain Arasaka’s Agent” could keep on being lively just after completion.
  • Set a bug wherever the mech would not seem at the entrance desk.
  • Fastened a bug wherever some Arasaka guards could pass by way of the door.
  • Preset a bug wherever some guards could show up abnormally in front of the player.
  • Preset a bug in which an Arasaka agent’s body was inaccessible, avoiding the player from picking up a shard and blocking progress.

The nomad

  • Elimination of unwanted important prompts.

The hunt

  • The audio of the newsletter contained in River Shard now plays properly.

The beast in me

  • Set a bug where by progress could get stuck if the player still left Claire much too fast soon after jogging Santo Domingo.

Queen of the Freeway

  • Fixed a bug the place the basilisk could move by means of some trees.

Down on the avenue

  • Fastened a bug where talking to Wakako would not activate any dialogue choices about the quest.

Ahead to dying

  • Smoke and dust no more time flicker when the participant is on the basilisk.

Contract: Goodbye, Night time City

  • Fastened a bug the place progress could get trapped if the participant referred to as Delamain after rescuing Bruce.

Path to glory

  • Fastened a bug in which V could get caught in the Navi if the participant was standing at the landing web-site before arriving.

Contract: also fantastic for them

  • Mounted a bug wherever it was extremely hard to open up Dakota’s garage doorway at the finish of the mission.
  • Preset a bug wherever Iris could teleport in its place of walking.

Deal: It really is heating up …

  • Fixed a bug where the car in the attachment could continue straight by way of the intersection in its place of turning suitable.
  • Set a bug in which the indicator to use coolant in 8ug8ear could nevertheless be selected when unplugging, creating animation difficulties.
  • Fastened a bug wherever it was extremely hard to use 8ug8ear.
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs could spawn underground and block development.

Contract: a number of methods to pluck a duck

  • Fastened a bug where Regina’s notifications about this agreement could surface for the duration of The Heist.
  • Fixed a bug wherever it was doable to log into the computer system soon after destroying the truck and failing the mission, which could cause the participant to get trapped.
  • Fixed a bug in which progress could get caught on the goal “Get to the Reverence Messaging Support Elaborate”.

Spotted Cyberpsycho: In which Do Guys Occur To Die?

  • Mounted a bug where by right after retrieving the information and facts it was not possible to send out it to Regina because the up coming goal was not shown.

Spotted cyberpsycho: on deaf ears

  • Fixed a bug the place following retrieving the data it was not attainable to ship it to Regina for the reason that the subsequent goal was not exhibited.

I fought the regulation

  • Fastened a bug where River was not at the conference issue right before coming into the Red Queen Operate.

How to play

  • Set a bug exactly where just after killing an NPC and thieving their vehicle, their body could get caught in the motor vehicle.
  • Adam Smasher will no lengthier consider destruction through animations among his assault phases.
  • Preset a bug the place dropping an NPC’s human body could trigger much too considerably hurt.
  • CataResist cyber components now functions effectively.


  • Fixed Johnny’s spectral visual appearance on a variety of missions.
  • Fixed numerous clipping problems related to NPC clothes.
  • Set the visual appearance of rocks in Badlands.

The selection

  • Preset a bug where by just one of the Maelstromers would stand with outstretched arms.

Balance and effectiveness

  • Fastened various crashes: animations, UI, cutscene, physics, and activity units.
  • Memory optimizations and memory management enhancements for various programs (lowered selection of crashes).
  • Various CPU optimizations in console.
  • Improved memory and I / O to restrict the number of identical-hunting NPCs showing in the exact spot and improve diffusion.

Personal computer certain mods

  • Fastened a bug wherever it was not possible to click the refresh button in 1280×720 resolution.
  • Fastened a bug the place urgent Alt + Enter to toggle amongst Window and Entire Screen modes could crash the game.
  • [Steam] The language of your Steam customer is now picked if you pick to use the default language configurations.
  • A concept will now surface asking to verify the integrity of the activity details when incomplete or corrupted recreation details is detected.

Xbox unique variations

  • Preset a bug where by disconnecting while a scene was fading could partly crash the video game.
  • Mounted a bug in which the pause menu could reopen on its very own if the Xbox guidebook and the pause menu had been closed in swift succession.