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Pikmin Bloom first community day

The first day of the community comes with many rewards

The first day of the community in pikmin flower It’s coming soon, and Niantic promises us some nice surprises in this regard. The latest mobile game from the company behind Pokemon go It had gotten off to a low-key start, but it seems the game has yet to reveal all of its surprises. pikmin flower It may not be as detailed and worked as its colleague (in terms of gameplay or the usefulness of augmented reality), but it is still very popular with its fans. And to reward these, The developers organize on Saturday, January 22, the first day of the community!

Rewards? Which?

Many rewards will be available for this event. Please note that you will not need to log in at a specific time and that you can enjoy all the features and rewards available throughout the day at your own pace.

In the application, if you plant blue, red, yellow or white petals around the megaflowers, they will turn into camellias. Also, if you decide to take the famous 10,000 steps on this day, you will get the camellia-shaped badge. The growth rate in your grow bag can reach 50%, enough to improve your plantings. Finally, you can collect 1 bonus coin for every 250 flowers planted (usually every 500), but with a limit of 60 coins per day.

So if there is a day when you have to go out and get some fresh air and stock up on flowers and Pikmin, It is next Saturday, January 22, the first day of the 2022 community. Despite the fact that pikmin flower makes much less noise than other mobile games, Niantic revealed that since the app’s launch, 113 million Pikmin were born, 338 billion steps were taken (an exorbitant number) and 63.8 million flowers were planted.

All of these numbers make your head spin a bit, but it just goes to show how popular pikmin flower has been able to acquire since its launch on October 26, on iOS and Android.