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the first update arrives for the much desired console

Officially the first major update for Playstation 5. As promised, it allows anyone who has managed to get hold of a console to store their next-gen games in USB hard drives external. Also, there are quite a few changes from those listed in the announcement blog post.

As mentioned in the full changelog on the PlayStation support site, there is a long list of changes. While the PS5 was already compatible with the 120 Hz with compatible TVs, it also works after update 1080p display which have faster refresh rates like some gaming monitors.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 receives its first update

While HDR is great, not all games or apps support it and you can now configure the system to output in SDR when it is the only format available. Another cool update includes the new HDMI switches, with which you can set the TV to turn on when you turn on the PS5 and to turn off the television when you turn off the console.

Additionally, users can now unfollow. game news so your updates do not appear in the news center when you first turn on the system. Some games that you have probably installed and played once, or that you have tried through PlayStation Plus, may now be “hidden” when it comes to update news and updates.

If you want instead manage all games Next, you can go to Settings> Saved Data and Game Settings. Since you chose ‘Manage followed games’ to stop following the ones that no longer interest you without having to navigate through the game center. There are many other changes as well, including an update for the DualSense controller.

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