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The latest work in the “Devil Village” series “Classic Return to Devil Village” announced that it will release the multiplatform version for PS4 / Xbox One / PC of “Ghosts’n Goblins Resurrection”.


CAPCOM announced that the classic action game “Makaimura“The last work of the series”The classic returns to Devil Village“, confirmed to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) platforms in the near future.

The classic returns to Devil Village“It is based on the”Makaimura“And the”Makai Great Town》 Two works that lay the foundations of the series are the prototypes, new works created through the latest technologies and ideas. Use a unique visual style like vivid image scrolling to reproduce classic gameplay and content from the past. Contains unique levels and individual enemies. Players can enjoy the thrill of thrilling action through simple operations.

※ The following game intro screen is taken from the Switch version

The legendary “Game of Death” is back with a new look

In this work, the unique visual effects of “Mobile Fantasy Picture Scroll”, enchanting levels, mechanisms and monsters reconstructed with the latest technology and ideas await the players!

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    Thanks to the integration with the latest technology, the unforgettable levels and classic monsters have been renewed!

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    The “Makai” is divided into many main areas, and you must go through the levels in them. If there are multiple levels in one region, you can proceed to the next region by going through one of the levels.

It is difficult to play, but I can’t help but play with excellent difficulty.

Makaimura“The charm of the series is that simple but profound, difficult to play but unstoppable, with superb difficulty. Falling countless times and falling again, a bit of finding your own strategy and a sense of accomplishment will turn into a unique experience. and precious for this game.

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    This game has multiple difficulties, from the traditional high difficulty of the series to the most suitable difficulty to perfect the technique.

Clearing the level once is not the end! Lots of new items that get more interesting as you play.

In addition to the repeat game from the usual series, this game also adds a number of new items. Including the “Magic Shadow Stage” that will change in the next round after the first pass, and the special “Hell Room” location that cannot be reached with ordinary methods. Make sure to challenge the “Makai” who is more interesting and more interesting!

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    on”Magic shadowIn “Level”, in addition to the appearance of the level, the types of enemies and the number of organs will change.

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    The player must decide whether or not to enter the “room of hell”, but there will still be good things to be successful in life.

Use the “Magic Bead Tree” to gain unique magic / abilities

The key to unleashing and developing magic / abilities is the “Magic Bead Tree”. Find the hidden magic orb bee in each level and return it to the “magic orb tree”, and magic / abilities can be developed. Learn to have various magic / skill effects, which will help you dominate the devil’s world!

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    If you release the upper level, you can use more powerful magic. Appearance and effect will be enhanced!

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    You can also release the magic / skill you have learned and release other magic / skills in its place. Choose the magic according to the situation, and it will be advantageous to pass the level!

Cooperative play for the first time in the series.

Through the auxiliary character “San Xian Ye” added for the first time in the series, two players can play together. Besides the fun of bravely challenging difficulties alone in the past, this game can also enjoy the fun of two people playing animatedly together. It’s completely different from the single-player experience that makes people sweat, and it can feel like a whole new gaming experience.

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    The “Three Immortals” have three different “magic”, each with its own characteristics. Like lifting Arthur, opening the protective cover and generating a magic platform


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