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The home remedy is a real secret trick.

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Saving electricity can be difficult in winter. However, aluminum foil can help and use a few tricks to ensure warmer interiors.

Dortmund – Many consumers fear a blackout in Germany and want to save electricity so that this does not happen. However, this is not so easy, especially in winter, because Turn down the heating to save electricity and very few people want to do without cozy and warm interiors. Therefore, a home remedy is offered as a solution to the problem, namely aluminum foil, RUHR24 reports.

Saving electricity with aluminum foil: home remedies ensure warmer interiors

Apartments in old buildings and old houses often have poorly insulated walls. As a result, heat is lost from interior spaces more quickly than in better-insulated buildings.

However, to combat this and save electricity, it is not necessary to re-insulate the entire house at once, because the home remedy Aluminum foil not only ensures a better WiFi signalbut also for cozy interiors.

To save electricity, the aluminum foil only needs to be placed behind the radiators, such as chip informed. This can be done with double-sided tape, for example. Alternatively, the foil can be attached to a thin board or cardboard to make joining less of a hassle.

If you opt for the second variant, it is advantageous to cut everything in such a way that the homemade insulation can be attached to the radiator wall bracket. The aluminum foil should ensure that hot air is reflected back into the room instead of escaping.

Saving electricity with aluminum foil: this homemade trick for warm interiors has a trick

However, insulation with foil has not only advantages, but also a disadvantage. Because if the insulation boards are not installed correctly, mold can form between the sheet and the wall, as it happens on the website. reported (more life tricks in RUHR24).

You can save electricity by using aluminum foil. © Jan Huebner/Imago; nndanko/Panthermedia/Imago; Collage: Sabrina Wagner/RUHR24

To avoid this, the home remedy must be pasted without gaps. However, this can be difficult if you don’t want to remove the radiator for a warm interior.