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Win a Backforce V Gaming Chair – Sit comfortably at last, with all the extras you need!


Sitting comfortably at last, can’t it be so hard? If you’ve already said so to yourself while gaming on a discarded kitchen chair for a living, here’s a contest for you: win a €430 Backforce V gaming chair! It’s specifically designed for a lot of sitting, which is what you want when you’re playing good games through a long night.

The Backforce V is designed for a weight of up to 130 kilograms, from 1.50 m to 1.92 m in height you will find plenty of space in the elegant armchair. The Backforce V has an integrated fixed lumbar support so that your back is not left alone and adopts a healthy posture. The synchronizer adjusts when you lean back and gives you the right amount of resistance. In the red/blue version featured here, the armrests can be folded down so you can place the Backforce V in exactly the position you need to play.

As mentioned above, the version you can win here is called Red/Blue and it comes with blue upholstery and red trim. The game room can certainly be a little dated. If you need a bit more of that, you can upgrade the Backforce V with a Gamer Pulse compatible LED kit. This then illuminates the back of your chair in sync with the rest of your gear for a seamless and complete LED experience.

But the Backforce V is not only stylish, it is also sustainably produced. The fabric is made from recycled material and the honeycomb pattern is not glued but applied by electro-welding. This makes the material of the chair recyclable, because Backforce knows that everything is finite, even the lifespan of a Backforce V. But there is still time left and now you have to play to win the Backforce V! You can learn more about the Backforce V and other company products here. Official site.

The registration closing date is December 26, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Rear Force 12/14/22

  • The entry must be from a Eurogamer user to be valid. Prizes will be drawn from among all valid entries.
  • Eurogamer and Backforce V employees are excluded from participation.
  • If you do not provide a valid email address, you will not be able to be notified.
  • Multiple submissions from the same email address or Eurogamer user will be ignored.
  • If the winner does not respond within four weeks of receiving the winning message, the prize will be passed on to another entrant.
  • Only readers from countries where there is a Eurogamer site can participate.
  • Legal process is excluded.

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