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The Hybrid Federal Congress #SpielKlima asks: can games and video games change the climate...

The Hybrid Federal Congress #SpielKlima asks: can games and video games change the climate…

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As of 03.05. The #SpielKlima Congress will take place in a hybrid form from May 6 to 6, 2022 under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. At 15 free specialist events, discussions, debates and workshops for participants, game developers, game designers, media researchers, psychologists, game publishers and many more, the question of what role games play in climate communication and what can they achieve. beyond the usual political communication.

For the first time, communication on climate and energy transition will meet games and gaming industries on this scale, and the congress aims to be the start of a fruitful interdisciplinary discourse on an important medium of social storytelling with a wide reach.


SpielKlima will open on Tuesday, May 3 with a Specialized conference on theoretical foundations and current state of research. Let’s continue with one Fishbowl debate on climate narratives and framing in the middle of gaming, in which the audience can also join in the discussion, including with a climate psychologist or a mission designer from “Cyberpunk 2077”. A subsequent online event on the first day of the conference will address the Game development and the problems that can arise. At the subsequent event, ten sustainable game publishers who have come together to create a establish a European network of sustainable game publishers.

On Wednesday, May 4, SpielKlima kicks off with an event where institutions and people from the most diverse fields present your own project on the topic of weather and play in just three minutes, which will be discussed later. On Friday, May 6, there will be a specialized event on the question of what role the middle game in climate and environmental education You can take.

There will also be six different workshops as part of SpielKlima, most of them in Berlin:

We start Wednesday May 4 Fridays for Future with an event in which participants develop new and positive visions of the future together. A workshop will follow in which Business game “Pitch Your Green Idea” can be gathered. On Thursday, May 5, the participants will learn different Game mechanics in the “Boardgame-Café” to know. In the second part of this workshop, the Development process of a game accompanied in an exemplary mannerto convey the complexity of game development, but also the potential of the middlegame as a climate communication tool.

This will be done in another workshop on the same day. Business game “Energy for (my) city” played and discussed. The last workshop on Friday May 6 will take place online and will deal with the question of how large institutions and NGOs plan and implement successful gamification projects be able.

Networking will not be neglected at SpielKlima either. In addition to the contacts that can already be made at specialized events, SpielKlima offers the opportunity to talk to each other: on Tuesday, May 3, the digital power days game night takes place, in which the theory of specialized events is put into practice, that is, by playing climatic games. Wednesday May 4th will be the Climate Game Designers and Communicators BAR NIGHT in Berlin, where all Berlin congress participants can toast and exchange ideas.

On May 5, as part of SpielKlima, the digital conference ONE PLANET LEFT of the foundation for the culture of the digital game takes place, which is dedicated to the theme of the conference with an exclusive focus on digital gaming.

More context

The current IPCC report shows that the climate is warming faster and with more serious consequences than previously estimated. So #SpielKlima asks: can games convey this information in such a way that players are motivated and activated to act in reality? So what opportunities do climate games offer in climate communication? Games not only serve as entertainment media that process current events and thus reflect parts of society. They can also act as media, influencing prevailing opinions; this ability can be used for effective climate communication.

Countering the climate crisis seems more important than ever, but climate protection measures are still slowly being implemented. Especially with regard to the climate crisis, the communication of scientific findings does not seem to give the impression of a need for action. #SpielKlima is based on the assumption: games can change that particularly well and make a lasting difference, as long as they are implemented professionally.

organizational framework

#SpielKlima takes place as part of the ENERGY DAYS 2022the Leading event for energy transition and climate protection in Germany with a total of around 550 speakers. SpielKlima is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection as well as numerous partners and input providers from the fields of energy transition, climate communication, games and games, including the International Game Days SPIEL and the Foundation for the Culture of Digital Games.

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