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The Index Freedom Token is over

The Index Freedom Token is over

On a blue background, the website displays a 404 error message, on which the Index Independence Barometer was previously available.

Previously, this barometer was available on the site:


This was the barometer that the newspaper had switched from Green Independent to Yellow Danger even during the writing of Szabolcs Dull. The adjustment of the barometer was also one of the reasons for the expulsion of Dull. Since then, NER has lived up to expectations smashed the blade.

The domain is still owned by journalists who have previously left the Index, Szabolcs Dull, former editor-in-chief of the Index and current co-editor of Telex, said:

“It is no longer up to me or the journalists who left the Index last summer to judge what is happening there, the editorial staff last year after my removal is a stronger resolution than any barometer indicator can indicate. That’s why we took the barometer, not in response to what happened now. “



The original version of the publication gave the impression that would belong to the current staff of the Index, and the removal of the barometer could react to recent events in the Index, which has morphed into a ruling party. We apologize for this error.

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