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the new episodes will answer an atavistic doubt


A few days ago the confirmation arrived that one of the television series Netflix will have its most popular in recent months following. So the story will continue despite all the deaths from the first season. What is the series about? Squid game 2 AND confirmedBut what will the new episodes be about? They will probably respond to a atavistic doubt to the left of the first season. Let’s find out all the details together.

Squid Game 2: the doubt that the new episodes will have to answer

Before you understand what this is doubt to what I New episodes They will have to give us an answer to keep the plot, we must take a step back and understand what it is about Squid. Let us explain it to you official synopsis of this title:

Hundreds of cash-strapped people accept a strange one Invitation to compete in children’s games. Waiting for you inviting award, but what is at stake is mortal“.

There is basically aVIP organization that moves the ranks of both kidnappings and games, making it fun tasty tasty who spend their time watching these desperate poor men try to win to take home their fur and a beautiful nest of eggs. But what question will you have to answer? Squid game 2?

In short, everyone waits New episodes of this successful television series will delve into precisely this topic: theorganization of which we only know the Front Man. Squid game 2 It will have to take us inside, but above all it will have to make us understand why no one has it yet. discovery and every year, with impunity, they kidnap people and release others.

It is quite clear to understand that such an organization is very powerful. From the Front man I was aware that Seong Gi-hun was about to take off, we can only imagine that each participant, once released, is supervised Lifetime. Here, we need confirmation. We feel the need, with Squid game 2, to learn more about the organization and its way of acting.

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