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The infamous Half-Life 2 achievements remembered when Gabe Newell fired a garden gnome into space • TECH GAMING REPORT


Donate $ 1 to all viewers’ charities.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Little Rocket Man Achievements-Still One of the best achievements ever madeIf you ask me-Valve’s Gabe Newell is preparing to launch a garden gnome into space for charity, so it’s ready to become a reality.

Little Rocket Man is a notorious tricky achievement to ensure safety, playing a completely harmless garden gnome (called Gnome Chompski) from the start of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 to the end of the game. I sent it to.

This is legendary. This is largely due to Chompski’s casual disregard for the laws of physics.This is often a single digit from the back of an open-top vehicle-and Newell commemorates it as part of a drive to raise money for the pediatric intensive care unit. Children’s Hospital Starship, In Auckland, New Zealand.

Weta Workshop Gnome Chompski.

The entire company is a collaboration between design and manufacturing companies Newell (building a 6-inch Chompski from titanium) and Rocket Lab (launching a gnome into space as part of it). 16 “Ride Share Missions”Take off from Launch Complex 1 in Mahia, New Zealand, within 14 days of UTC on November 15th.

The main purpose of Flight 16 is to launch 30 satellites into sun-synchronous orbit, but Gnome Chompski carries more than just a kick. He is the focus of his mission to “test and certify new 3D printing technologies that can be used in future spacecraft components.” Unfortunately, if you re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere during the off-orbit process, you’ll see the gnomes burn out. Intentionally.

Rocket Lab calls this mission “a tribute to the innovation and creativity of gamers around the world.” Newell will donate $ 1 to Starship to anyone who sees the gnome rise into space online within 24 hours of a live or explosion. ..Rocket Lab Host a live stream As soon as the launch date is set.

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