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The Isigny-Omaha intercom offers four bike paths

Isigny-Omaha Intercom gives 15 km or 30 to 35 km “cycle” walks, departing from Balleroy-sur-Drôme, Le Molay-Littry, Trévières and Isigny-sur-Mer.

The intercom delivers 4 biking routes, setting up from Balleroy-sur-Drôme, Molay-Littry, Isigny-sur-Mer and Trévières (Calvados). These routes of 15 or 30 km are not marked, they can be downloaded through the application Circuits, nicely recognized to hikers. “It is a reflection that we experienced throughout the final confinement to offer anything to the people of the territory. We provide 15 km spouse and children trails and 30 to 35 km for the additional seasoned ”, studies Éric Rotrou, head of the office of hiking and sports things to do.


The 15 km routes are put on the map with a stage by phase. These interested can also add the QR Code Circuits on the web page of the intercom with the area of departure and the number of kilometers picked. “All the climbing trails are provided in the intercom topoguide.

The “ephemeral” walks supplied for the duration of the confinement will be included, ”explains Herveline Lebrethon, communications officer. He adds: “The differences in peak and the difficulty of the route are indicated. The circuits are mostly asphalted ”.

The objective is to deal with all municipalities. These buckles complete the “Euro Vélo 4? the Maritime Bicycle ”, but also the Boucle des Marais de l’Aure de Isigny-sur-Mer (transported by the Department jointly with the Parc naturel-des-marais-du-Contentin and Bessin and with Isigny-Omaha Intercom).

Pascal Mariotti, Deputy Mayor of Molay-Littry, is delighted. “We have quite a few families who experience bikes with young children. In the afternoon, if they want to go for a walk, they will previously have circuits ”.

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The 30 km circuits will cross lots of municipalities

Exit Balleroy-sur-Drôme: La Bazoque, Montfiquet, Planquery, Litteau, Sallen, Cormolain, Foulognes, Sainte-Honorine-de-Ducy, Cahagnolles, Saint-Paul-du-Vernay and Castillon.
Exit Le Molay-Littry: Le Breuil-en-Bessin, Tournières, Saint-Martin-de-Blagny, Saonnet, Rubercy, Saon and Blay.
Trévières: Formigny-la-Bataille, Surrain, Mandeville-en-Bessin, Etreham, Aure-sur-Mer (Russia), Tour-en-Bessin, Maisons and Mosles.
Isigny-sur-Mer: delegated municipalities of Neuilly-la-Forêt, Les Oubeaux, Castilly, Vouilly and Monfréville.

Sensible: Down load the circuits in PDF or in the Cirkwi app. Tours are accessible at the intercom web-site. The brochures of the 15 km phase-by-phase circuits are accessible in the departure municipalities.

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