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The king of reggaeton signs the soundtrack of CoD: Mobile

The king of reggaeton signs the soundtrack of CoD: Mobile

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Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, better known as Ozuna, is a Puerto Rican singer and actor. AND winner of two Latin Grammy Awards and record holder at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

For its seventh season, titled “The elite of the elite”, “Call of Duty: Mobile” collaborates with the Puerto Rican artist Ozuna. Hailed by critics as “the new king of reggaeton,” Ozuna composed the season’s soundtrack, a single in Spanish titled “A la buena, el mejor.” Players can listen to it in the Battle Royale lobby and on the vehicle radio. However, you have the option to exclude the song from the audio, in case you don’t like it.

The collaboration also reserves many new features in the game., including an Ozuna themed operator, a timed mode called “Ozuna Kill Confirmed” and a number of items obtainable by purchasing the Ozuna boxes.

It’s more, On September 2-3, fans of the award-winning artist will be able to stream it while playing “Call of Duty: Mobile” Season 7. With him there will be many other special guests.

Currently there are several mobile games that obtain important collaborations with artists and personalities from all over the world. For “Call of duty: Mobile” this is the first time. Fans of the game are hoping that the significant partnership with Ozuna will usher in a change in the way the video game is advertised.

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