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The list of video games that would be using the microphone of the cell phone to spy

The list of video games that would be using the microphone of the cell phone to spy

The list is based on the presence of games hosted on the Android Play Store

Since smartphones came into people’s lives, they realized that in their hands they had more than one device to be able to make and receive calls; it was a new world of opportunities in which entertainment was a fundamental part. Thus, in addition to obtaining new tools such as cameras and messaging applications, users have taken advantage of the increasingly elaborate games that developers host in major virtual stores.

As has been a constant in this world of mobile phones, both the AppStore (the iOS store) and the Play Store (the Android store), have taken control of the main titles that allow, more and more, to simulate a cell phone with a video game console. In fact, in recent years, several video game companies have decided to make the leap from, for example, the PlayStation or the Xbox, adapting its most famous games for iPhone or Android cell phones.

However, as with most applications that exist on the network, there are certain security measures that hackers seek to violate, taking advantage of the popularity of some games and the permissions that users authorize these within their devices.

Consequently, in recent years it has become a paranoia, mixed between myth and truth, the possible espionage that cybercriminals do to people through the accessories of their cell phones, be it the camera or the microphone.

Taking into account this reality is that technology companies are constantly conducting security analysis in their virtual stores, in search of software that may be violating people’s privacy, behind a facade of entertainment and fun.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that in recent days several gaming apps have been located that, with the help of the microphone, spied on users in search of relevant information with which to “bombard” them with information. In this way, hackers behind the facade of the game intercept the hardware of cell phones to to be able to listen to people’s conversations and thus have first-hand data that allows them to send increasingly invasive and personalized advertising to each of them.

For example, if someone talks during the game about the new motorcycle that they want to buy, this information can be used so that the person begins to see periodically and almost overwhelming advertising about this type of vehicle: types of motorcycles, brands, places of sale, sale of spare parts, etc.


Although at first there was information that in the Android Play Store there were more than 200 applications developed by the Alphonso company, which were intended to specifically follow each of the users, currently they have been isolated five video games that pose a major problem and of those who have already been able to corroborate their spying on gamers.

For this reason, it is important to immediately remove the app and information from the following softwares:

– Ping pong stars – Table tennis

– 3D Basketball

– Baseball shots

– Cricket 3D

– dark corridor

Likewise, there are also great suspicions of other applications such as Real Bowling Strike, Toon Crush or Bird Zappers.

It should be remembered that in case people are not sure about which video games are healthy or not, the best thing, for this example, is to go to the Play Store and search “Automated Alfonso”. In this way, you will know that the applications that appear after this search may represent a danger to your privacy.

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