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The NBA TV rating for the Brooklyn Nets game on the League Pass has skyrocketed since James Harden Trade

The NBA TV rating for the Brooklyn Nets game on the League Pass has skyrocketed since James Harden Trade

Not surprisingly, Brooklyn Nets has grown in popularity since the acquisition of superstar guard James Harden in a four-team deal with the Houston Rockets on January 16. YES Network announced on Tuesday Since Harden joined Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets game’s local reputation has risen 69%.

But even outside New York City, online demand has grown dramatically since The Beard arrived in Brooklyn.

According to the figures provided, in nine games since Harden’s arrival, the average viewership of NBA League Pass Four Nets games is 24% worldwide, compared to the first 13 games of Brooklyn’s regular season, the United States. It increased by 41% in Japan and 19% overseas. Depending on the league. The average time spent by League Pass viewers watching Nets games has also increased significantly, up 39% overall and 80% domestically since the acquisition of Harden.

In fact, according to the NBA, the two best-matched league pass games around the world this season have both been Nets games since Harden joined the team.

Harden’s debut, a 122-115 victory over Orlando Magic on January 16, made him the first player in NBA history to score a 30-point triple-double in his first game with the team, making him one of the hottest leagues in history. The record-holding pass game this season has a total of four days. Nets’ 147-135 thrilling double extension to the Cleveland Cavaliers on January 20 when Harden’s 21-point, 12-assist, 1o-rebound triple-double was hidden by Collin Sexton’s 42-point heroic effort. The loss of the battle is still the most watched league pass game in the world this season.

In addition to Harden’s play of Netz 6-2 this season, he helped Brooklyn become one of the league’s hottest and most interesting spectacles in the league pass.

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