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The ORIGINAL voice of BO but in ITALIAN is CRAZY!  • Brawl Stars Italy

The ORIGINAL voice of BO but in ITALIAN is CRAZY! • Brawl Stars Italy

The ORIGINAL voice of BO but in ITALIAN is CRAZY!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like the original voice of BO but in ITALIAN? I’ll take care of it, I managed to get the original actor to speak in Italian by transforming BO into a 100% Italian brawler.

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Oh yes I did, I contacted Brian Boot (Voice actor of BO OFFICIALE) to collaborate in a funny video where he will have to translate for us the sentences of BO from the original version into Italian. Impossible? Ninth, we have already done everything and I also recorded the video and the result was a masterpiece.

There are many important games, such as Wild Rift, where the characters in addition to having the original voice in English also have the various voices in each language. So I said to myself: Hey Sparx, why don’t you contact all the voice actors and let them speak in Italian? Maybe Supercell likes the idea and starts translating all the voices into Italian for real!

The phrases I chose for our Brian Boot are the following:

  1. We must fight for peace;
  2. The wind speaks to me;
  3. May you find peace;
  4. I fight for my ancestors;

Do you want to find out how they were interpreted by the ORIGINAL voice of BO? Watch the video below:

Do you want more videos like that? Which brawler would you like to hear in Italian? Comment in the video and I will try to please everyone (actors permitting)!

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