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The new generation of Windows is knocking on the door.  Microsoft has announced a reveal date

The new generation of Windows is knocking on the door. Microsoft has announced a reveal date

Last week, the Microsoft Build developer conference took place, which was expected to reveal the news in the upcoming Windows 10 fall update. However, the conference (including the introductory keynote) was really aimed primarily at developers. , with the opening ceremony of the upcoming news on Windows. deserves separate action. And now we have finally found out the date of its celebration.

The new generation of Windows knows its discovery date

Microsoft has revealed that the next generation of Windows will be released on June 24 at 5:00 pm The event will be presented by the head of Microsoft Satya nadella, as well as the head of the IT division Panos Panay. The composition of this report suggests that it will indeed be a huge event – after all, Nadella said last week that it would be the biggest change to Windows in the last 10 years.

Neither the Microsoft director nor the current invite speak of Windows 10, so it is not yet clear under what name the Redmonds will introduce the new generation of Windows, be it a simple fall update or a completely new version of Windows with a new one. designation. Given the anticipated changes, perhaps the second option makes more sense.

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The last three Windows updates were just minor updates to the service with no major changes, suggesting that Microsoft was working on something big in the background. Most of the time we talk about a complete redesign, but we will probably see new features (and removal of historical components). An integrated app store should be new too.

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