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the new monitors will make users fall in love

As part of your ads before CES 2022 Samsung has introduced three new lines of VA 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) displays. L’Odyssey Neo G8 curved 32 inches, Samsung’s latest high-end gaming display leads the monitor series. The display offers the new mini-LED backlight technology for better contrast and the technology is Quantum Dot for brighter colors. This display is HDR 2000 certified for dynamic range extra wide and is the first 4K monitor to provide a 240Hz refresh rate for ultra-sharp gaming.

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 monitor has the same curve 1000R of the more expensive Odyssey Neo G9 monitor. This time Samsung has included a new one modality which identifies colors on the screen and automatically projects them through the rear core. Unsurprisingly, Samsung refers to the new lighting core as ‘CoreSync’ and you say it would improve the immersion in the game.

Samsung: new monitors to be unveiled at CES 2022

Samsung also introduced the 32-inch M8 smart monitor, the successor to last year’s M7. The monitor smart from Samsung, like a smart TV, includes a remote control and a fix the box on top, which allows users to stream their favorite shows through apps like Netflix. Its ability to function as a SmartThings control center is a useful feature to have on a monitor when not in use to work from home.

Although it has a 4K resolution like l’Odyssey Neo G8, Samsung has not mentioned the refresh rate, which leads us to believe that it is probably limited to the normal 60Hz. However, with a maximum brightness of 400 nits, covers 1.07 billion colors and 99% of the sRGB spectrum. As a bonus, Samsung has included in the offer a Mobile Magnetic SlimFit Cam, which also works without a computer via built-in programs like Google Duo.

The tall monitor Resolution S8, the third of Samsung’s new monitors is aimed at manufacturers and designers. Comes in two dimensions, a 27-inch model and a 32-inch variant, with the same characteristics. The S8 satisfies creatives by reproducing up to 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and has a HDR 600 grade VESA certified. Perhaps even more surprising, these are the first monitors No reflections Verified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL).

Samsung accomplished this using a matte finish of the S8’s screen, significantly reducing light reflection, which creatives love. They also include 90W USB Type-C charging and LAN connectors, eliminating the need for a separate laptop dock and mobile devices.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not provided at the moment information on pricing or availability, although we expect these monitors to be available at first quarter.