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The new Notepad is coming soon

The new Notepad is coming soon

Notepad, developed for clear text creation, was introduced with Windows 1.0 as part of the operating system and can now be used as an optional download from the Store. Although the program received some innovations three years ago, no major updates can be made from the last few years.

This will change with the arrival of Windows 11: under the new system, a new interface will be added to the base program, which will better follow the Microsoft Fluent Design language, that is, rounded corners, and will be cleaner and more modern.

How did one turn out from a blog postMicrosoft is already testing dark mode for the program, and the right-click drop-down menu for editing will be revamped. Feature updates are also expected: the tool for finding a piece of text, as well as the search and replace tools, will receive separate pop-ups. However, one of the most important things is that you can not only undo an action in the text editor, but more.

The updated Notepad is now available to Windows 11 Insider participants through the Dev channel. Those who have not signed up for the test circles will have to wait a bit to receive the required update.

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