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Video chapters are coming to game consoles and televisions.

Video chapters are coming to game consoles and televisions.

The YouTube platform announced the addition of a useful feature for the latest game console and smart TV applications: video chapters.

YouTube: video chapters are coming to game consoles and televisions

Watching a YouTube video will soon be enjoyable even away from your smartphone or PC. In a recent tweet, the platform announced that the chapter video cutting feature will be gradually rolled out to newer TVs and game consoles. All of these devices benefit from a dedicated YouTube app, but one that is sometimes lacking. ergonomics. Therefore, adding a new feature is always appreciated.

Without having more details from YouTube, we imagine that it is the most common consoles, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and other Nintendo Switches. There is also no information on the Smart TV models that will benefit from the application update, except that they are “latest” models. If your TV is a few years old, it will most likely not qualify for this new feature.

Chapters in YouTube videos

As of 2020, video chapters were only available for YouTube on Android and iOS web browsers and mobile apps. It allows the video to be divided into different sections (called chapters), associated with a timestamp and each with a title and a preview.

Youtube video chapters

Example of the division into chapters of the Pixel 6 test // Source: Frandroid

Creators can create their own chapters themselves or use the automatic chapters feature. This is particularly relevant in long and clearly structured videos, for example for video product testing in The chain of Frandroid. The user can thus advance directly to the part that interests him. On TV and console, this option will be appreciable, navigation with a remote control or joystick is sometimes a bit difficult.

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