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Das neue Outlook für Windows zeigt sich im Microsoft Store

The new Outlook for Windows is shown in the Microsoft Store › Dr. Windows

The new Outlook for Windows has been available for testing for a few weeks, but only for business users; private Microsoft accounts are not yet supported. Now the new Outlook also appears in the Microsoft Store.

Agiornamenti Lumia traced the entrance and through Twitter divided. However, so far the entry is just a placeholder, the button to install is still missing. However, for the reasons mentioned above, this is not so tragic, because without a Microsoft 365 business account, as mentioned, you can’t do anything with it anyway.

However, the appearance of the new Outlook in the store could be an indication that the new version will soon be available to a broader user base. Equally exciting is the question of whether the existing Mail and Calendar app will be replaced by the new Outlook via an update, or whether Microsoft will leave the old app in maintenance mode and only retire it at a later date.

I can’t imagine two different apps still being maintained. Instead, it would be conceivable that the new Outlook would offer the most important features for free, and that the full range of features would need to be activated with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

If you’re interested, you can read first impressions of the new Outlook for Windows client here: Testing of the new Outlook for Windows begins: first impressions

Outlook for Windows
Outlook for Windows

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