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The new WhatsApp update is now optional and tomorrow is mandatory

The new WhatsApp update is now optional and tomorrow is mandatory

When you open the WhatsApp application for instant communication, you will find a short phrase at the bottom: From Facebook.

This phrase has been present in the application interface for years, after it was acquired by the company “Facebook”, but this phrase will be very important in a few weeks.

Tech sites reported that “WhatsApp” performed a trial update of the privacy policy on the application, which will force users to share a large amount of their data with Facebook.

At first, users will be informed of the new change in the application and will be asked to accept this new policy, which will take effect on February 8.

After that date, you will have to accept the new update to be able to use “WhatsApp”, otherwise you will not be able to use it.

Among the information that will be requested from the user: their telephone number, information about the mobile device, their IP address and other information.

This step is a reversal of the position of Facebook, which acquired the instant communication app for $ 19 billion in 2014.

The social media giant had previously promised that WhatsApp user data would remain separate from the parent company’s data.

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