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Twitch will disable Trump's channel until the end of his term to "minimize harm" during the transition – TechCrunch

Twitch will disable Trump’s channel until the end of his term to “minimize harm” during the transition – TechCrunch

Twitch also temporarily suspended the president’s channel in June. At the time, he told TechCrunch: “No malicious activity on Twitch is allowed. In line with our policy, President Trump’s channel has been temporarily suspended from Twitch due to comments made on the stream and has problematic content. Has been deleted. “

On Wednesday, the company deleted “Pog Champ” Emote Featuring the face of game character Ryan Gutierrez after he expressed his support for the Pro Trump riots.

Twitch’s actions have imposed new restrictions on the president’s account during the final day, following similar steps taken by Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Facebook has also taken unprecedented steps to suspend the president’s account for the rest of his term ending January 20.

The social platform took action against the president’s account after he instigated a group of his supporters in a riot in the Capitol. Trump encouraged the crowd to march towards Congress after a rally on Wednesday when the president again made false claims about “stolen” elections.

In the Capitol, crowds swelled, easily overcoming barriers set by police, flooding buildings, looting parliamentary offices, and causing many injuries and four deaths. At that time, lawmakers were inside the building, forced to evacuate, and later reconvened to prove the election results.


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