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The parlor website is back online.Riot banned from dating apps


speak website The app went offline last week, and its CEO accused Apple and Google of “destroying the company.” This claim may be a bit premature, but since the website is back online today, there are only pending messages so far …


The parlor was used to support an attempted coup attempt at the US Capitol, where users threatened to attack or kill both US Vice President Mike Pence and various members of the House of Representatives. Many mobs posted their photos and videos to the service from inside the building.

Apple has given Parler 24 hours to carry out effective moderation to remove illegal and inappropriate content. When the company didn’t, both Apple and Google removed the app from their app store. New users will not be able to install the app, but existing users will initially be able to continue to use the service.

However, other companies quickly followed suit, such as Amazon Web Services, which Parler used to deliver content for both apps and websites. This brought the service completely offline.

Speak website online

There were reports that Epik was ready to host Parler, but it wasn’t surprising as the hosting company was used by many extremist right-wing organizations that were denied service by mainstream providers. Epik refused to contact Parler, but Business insider Note that the evidence seems clear.

The website of the controversial social media platform Parler returned online on Sunday after being launched from Amazon Web Services, down for almost a week, and then back online. […]

On Sunday web site, from John Mates of CEO “Hello, world. This is on Is?” A statement on the site, has shown that it is going to return soon.

A WHOIS search shows that Parler is hosted by Epik.Parlor registered its domain with last week
A Washington-based hosting provider known for hosting far-right radical content. However, Epik denied in a statement that the two companies were in contact.

If the parlor needs to restore content from the platform, white hat hackers Downloaded all data

Above all, this is an interactive map of the video posted by the mob Timeline timeline Of over 500 video clips.

Parliament riots banned from app dating

For more interesting news, Washington post The mob identified from the video footage of the day reports that it is banned from various dating apps. Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, PlentyofFish, and Match are all working to eliminate the rebels.

CNET Some users of dating sites have changed their political preferences to conservative in order to attract messages from Trump supporters, and cross-referenced profile pictures to images of riots to identify them to the FBI. Please note that you are referencing.

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